It’s Virgo season

Venus in Scorpio is attracted to things that are unusual and macabre. There is a willpower to Venus in Scorpio that is unusual for Venus, which usually likes to lounge and wait for what it wants. Venus in Scorpio, however, wants to control the narrative! (Source: astrology.com)


Tensions are likely to be clashing between your relationship needs and the demands of your career path, Aries. The balance-seeking Libra moon squares off with emotionally raw Pluto, unleashing these frustrations in the first half of the day. Thankfully, the moon moves onto a supportive meet-up with faith-instilling Jupiter and bond-sweetening Venus, imbuing the evening with ideal, romantic date night energy.


Is the big picture vision of your life at odds with your current reality, Taurus? Thursday’s skies work to bridge the gap, but the process will likely involve hard truth-telling and discomfort. The easygoing Libra moon squares off with brooding Pluto, touching on these tensions. Luna’s sweet meet-up with visionary Jupiter and magnetic Venus, later on, helps to diffuse stress and gently open up emotional outlets.


Thursday’s skies point your focus towards the current story swirling around your love life, Gemini. Your desire to keep your love life light and playful will likely be at odds with a deeper story stirring around intimacy and commitment as the partnership-oriented Libra moon squares off with heavy Pluto. Things ease up later as the moon swirls with big-hearted Jupiter and bond-building Venus, making a deeply romantic atmosphere.


The universe has been doing a number on your experience of partnerships, Cancer. You’re likely to find yourself tapping back into that story today as the romance-loving Libra moon squares off with brooding Pluto. Look at elements of your past that seem to be fogging up your present. Later, the moon’s sweet connection with big-hearted Jupiter and bond-building Venus brings a warm, healing energy to frayed intimacy.


Thursday’s cosmic landscape presents some troubling grounds to trek through, Leo. You’re likely to be tapping into the tension brewing between your day job and your need for mental downtime as the balance-craving Libra moon squares off with transformation-demanding Pluto. Assess what you can change and work to free up! Luna’s sweet union with optimistic Jupiter and lover Venus, later on, smooths over any ruffled feathers.


You’ve been under serious pressure when it comes to your creative life, Virgo. It’s been critical for you to restructure your approach to your passions and how you share your heart with others. This narrative is nudged along today as the balance-seeking Libra moon squares off with brooding Pluto. A more peaceable tone settles in later when the moon aligns with visionary Jupiter and benefit-bringing Venus.


What’s been changing from deep within and down below, Libra? Thursday’s skies highlight this ongoing story around your shifting foundations as the moon’s presence in your sign squares off with transformative Pluto. This tension-relieving aspect highlights where deeper healing is needed around family bonds. The smoke clears later on as the moon swirls with buoyant Jupiter and good-time Venus, making the grounds for an ideal romantic date night.


Mental and communication-based tensions are likely to be running high today, Scorpio. Make room for yourself to speak your truth rather than bury your real feelings down below. The compromising Libra moon squares off with brooding Pluto, touching on this potent narrative. Fortunately, the moon moves onto a sweet alignment with optimistic Jupiter and bond-sweetening Venus, bringing a warm, healing energy to the second part of the day.


The cosmos has actively been pushing you to break down old confidence blockages, Sagittarius. Are you letting yourself embrace the healing work that’s required to do that? Thursday’s skies see the peace-seeking Libra moon’s square with transformational Pluto, touching on these tensions around your selfworth. Thankfully, the moon’s supportive alignment with big-hearted Jupiter and magnetic Venus, later on, smooths over any rough patches.


Life has been pushing you to embrace a new sense of independence in recent years, Capricorn. Are you answering the call and proceeding fearlessly? Today’s cosmic landscape touches on the current tension existing between your personal identity and career goals. What can you adjust to make space for yourself? Later on, Luna’s sweet alignment with optimistic Jupiter and magnetic Venus brings beneficial opportunities for advancement.


The universe has had all eyes on you in recent times, Aquarius. Thursday’s skies touch on some mental tensions and ancient baggage that need clearing out as the balance-seeking Libra moon squares off with transformational Pluto. Lean into activities that encourage release and renewal. The atmosphere lightens considerably on the mental front, later on, when the moon swirls with lover Venus and big-hearted Jupiter.


Are you putting in the work to be where you want to be, Pisces? You can no longer float in hopes of reaching a shore as Thursday’s skies uncomfortably illustrate between the balance-craving
Libra moon’s tense square with changedemanding Pluto. Examine your goals and the concrete plans you’re making to get there. The moon’s supportive connection with lover Venus and optimistic Jupiter, later on, makes for a sensual, warm atmosphere intimacy-wise.

Published in Volume 76, Number 1 of The Uniter (September 9, 2021)