Venus clashes with Jupiter, the planet of opulence, on Thursday, September 30, at 7:31 PM. 

There’s a desire to overdo things, because we feel as though we’ve been lacking or cut off from something. Revenge might not even be what you want.


The universe has been keeping you on your toes, Aries. Thursday’s skies continue to unlock more stories, as retrograde Mercury backs into a square with truthrevealing Pluto. This potent pairing works to uncover hidden information, especially that pertaining to your current partnership story. The moody Cancer moon can intensify matters on the family front, but her transition into Leo later on lightens the mood considerably. 


You’re being asked to stretch yourself beyond your known limits today, Taurus. Thursday’s skies find your ruling planet, lover Venus, locked into a clashing square with big-picture Jupiter. This pairing is a positive one that buoys moods and enhances opportunities, but also makes it easy to bite off more than you can chew on the career front. Aim to embrace growth, but be careful of taking on too many agreements or projects.


As a Gemini, you glean cosmic guidance from the quick-moving, messenger planet, Mercury. Thursday’s skies find Mercury backed into a potent position as it retrograde dances backwards into its second square with emotionally raw Pluto. This pairing is likely to illuminate any hidden tensions not being acknowledged on the intimacy and relationship front. Aim to be honest and direct without exploding at others.


A multitude of stories seems to emerge beneath Thursday’s skies, Cancer. On the one hand, magnetic Venus locks into a square with visionary Jupiter. This pairing is mostly a positive one that buoys partnership growth but may also highlight unmet expectations. Elsewhere, retrograde Mercury is wrangled into a tense encounter with truth-revealing Pluto, flushing out any unspoken tensions in intimate partnerships.


Prioritize your peace today, Leo. The moon’s presence in sensitive Cancer encourages you to seek out solitude and quietly recuperate. Yet, Thursday’s skies are chock full of action to acknowledge. Magnetic Venus’ squares off with bigpicture Jupiter, highlighting where further efforts could be made around partnership growth. Elsewhere, messenger Mercury butts heads with brooding Pluto, highlighting the importance of having some uncomfortably honest conversations.


As a Virgo, you gain cosmic insight from following the sharp movements of messenger Mercury. Thursday’s skies find Mercury in a bind, as it retrogrades back into its second difficult square with truthrevealing Pluto. This potent energy helps you directly acknowledge any tensions or time bombs you’ve been trying to ignore. Aim to use this energy to purify and clear the air, even if it means ruffling some feathers in the process.


Lean into the optimistic mindset washing over you today, Libra. Rather than justify away your hopefulness with logic, aim to embrace the expansion the universe is encouraging you toward! Your ruling planet, bond-building Venus, finds itself in a square with larger-than-life Jupiter. This pairing boosts good moods and makes you feel capable and confident but may also have you biting off more than you can chew when it comes to romantic or creative commitments.


As a Scorpio, you’re naturally compelled to look beneath the surface of any circumstance you find yourself in. Thursday’s skies encourage you to embrace that natural mode of action as retrograde Mercury backs into a tense square with potent Pluto. This unsettling pairing is likely to expose any dormant frustrations that need to be communicated. Thankfully, Venus’ meet-up with bighearted Jupiter can help alleviate tensions and smooth things over.


Change is an inevitable fact of life, Sagittarius. The universe is nudging you along to embrace that concept today as the illuminating sun links up with transformative Pluto. This pairing facilitates renewal on the career and self-confidence front—you need only implement it! Elsewhere, bond-building Venus’ square with heavy Saturn may highlight reality-check relationship conversations to have. However daunting they seem, it’s best to face them head-on.


A relationship reality check is in order today, Sagittarius. Your ruling planet, jolly Jupiter, receives an unhappy visit from other-oriented Venus today, sparking some tensions between what is and is not communicated clearly in your intimate one on ones. Messenger Mercury clicks into a square with truth-telling Pluto, encouraging you to be direct about any dormant frustrations.


You’re likely to be digging up mental treasures worth examining today, Aquarius. Messenger Mercury locks into a harsh encounter with truth-seeking Pluto, pushing you to plummet into the depths of your subconscious. It’s an ideal day for therapy or journaling, as some of your most potent truths are on the tip of your tongue. Elsewhere, good-time Venus meets with big-picture Jupiter, offering a buoyant, optimistic outlook to the day.


Thursday’s cosmic landscape digs up forgotten truths and then works to smooth them over, Pisces. Retrograde Mercury backs into its second square with brooding Pluto, illuminating any unspoken tensions looming around your long term goals and friend groups. Aim to clear the air without burning bridges! Meanwhile, lover Venus meets with optimistic Jupiter, imbuing the day with grand visions of love and romance—some that may be out of reach!

Published in Volume 76, Number 4 of The Uniter (October 1, 2021)