It’s almost Aries season!

The spring equinox falls on Saturday, March 20, as the sun enters Aries at 4:37 a.m. This is the start of the astrological calendar and World Astrology Day! Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, this is the time to initiate things, to break ground and charge into something new.


As an Aries, it’s easy for you to initiate new projects, but you can struggle when it comes to following through. Thursday’s skies make it easy to stay on task and get productive, as the hardworking Taurus moon forms a series of supportive, mood-boosting alignments. Later, the moon slides into busybody Gemini, picking up the pace and emphasizing your need for movement and self-expression.


It’s easy to feel good and get things done under Thursday’s skies, Taurus. The moon glides through your sign and reaches out to bond-building Venus and the energy-giving sun, making it an ideal day for negotiations, self-promotion, or for patching up any rocky areas with others. Later, the moon sails into versatile Gemini, prompting you to take a closer look at your resources—financial and otherwise.


Your introverted Twin and extroverted Twin are both making an appearance today, Gemini. The first half of the day is dedicated to immersing yourself in alone time where you can steadily work on career projects behind the scenes, as the capable Taurus moon aligns with the illuminating sun and creative Venus. Later, the moon dips into your sign, helping you break out of your shell and get social again.


As a Cancer, it’s well known that your moods can turn on a dime. That switch is rooted in your connection with the shape-shifting moon. The easygoing Taurus moon spends the day in a positive alignment with lover Venus and the illuminating sun, helping smooth over any rocky relationship terrain. Later, Luna dips into thoughtful Gemini, putting you into a more withdrawn, solitary mood.


It’s easy to make strides on the career front today, Leo. The hardworking Taurus moon spends the day in a positive alignment with the energy-giving sun and sweet Venus, making it easy to form alliances and feel confident about your current trajectory. Later, the moon dips into social butterfly Gemini, focusing your attention on your current involvement in community and friend groups.


Thursday’s skies are peaceful and receptive, Virgo. The moon glides through the tail end of steady Taurus, forming supportive pacts with bond-building Venus and the life-giving sun. This pairing makes for an ideal day for entering into joint commitments and smoothing over relationship bumps. Later, Luna roams into busybody Gemini, helping you devote energy and effort towards your current career concerns.


Today’s skies offer a welcome sense of equilibrium and understanding,  Libra. The moon marches through sensual Taurus and spends the day in a supported connection with the energy-giving sun and other-oriented Venus. This pairing offers the chance to mutually beneficial commitments or patch up relationship issues. Later, Luna slides into playful Gemini, pushing you to shake up your routine and get out of your comfort zone.


Thursday’s cosmic landscape is sweet and sensual, Scorpio. The moon glides through the end of down-to-earth Taurus and forms harmonious connections to bond-building Venus and the energy-giving sun, making it an ideal day to speak up about your feelings and desires to that special someone. Later, the moon dips into reflective Gemini, stirring up a stronger than usual need for intimacy and authenticity.


As a Sagittarius, you’re great at seeing the big picture vision of things but can struggle when it comes to handling the little things. Today’s skies help you to hunker down on your work efforts and form positive alliances with people in your field, as the capable Taurus moon receives a variety of supportive aspects. Later, Luna treks forward into your opposite sign of Gemini, directing your attention towards relationship matters.


Enjoy the leisurely flow of Thursday’s skies, Capricorn. A sense of equilibrium and peace imbues the day ahead, as the steady Taurus moon aligns with sweet Venus and the energy-giving sun. It’s easy to form bonds and express yourself in a way that others will be receptive to today. Later, the moon plows into versatile Gemini, directing your focus to uncompleted tasks on your to-do list.


A welcome sense of peace imbues itself into the day ahead, Aquarius. Your focus today remains on home and family matters that need patching up, as the practical Taurus moon aligns with connection-concerned Venus and the energy-providing sun. It’s an ideal day for healing conversations or sprucing up your living space with new purchases. Later, Luna glides into giddy Gemini, lightening the mood and increasing your need for play and leisure.


You’re bound to be two different people in the course of the day, Pisces! The first half of the day is spent in movement, messages, and busy but pleasant exchanges—as the steady Taurus moon receives a variety of supportive aspects. It’s an ideal day to share your voice on a larger platform, as your ideas are likely to be well received. Later, the moon glides into reflective Gemini, slowing things down considerably.

Published in Volume 75, Number 22 of The Uniter (March 18, 2021)

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