The moon is in Cancer

There might be many good ideas coming your way thanks to Gemini in Mars all month long - to the point of making you feel scattered. However, take note of the ideas that resonate with you the most. On March 4, mastermind Mercury meets expansive Jupiter, this time while being direct. This is the third time this year that these planets meet, and this third pass around could very well mean the solidification of an idea or an a-ha moment!


Thursday’s cosmic landscape is chock full of action, Aries. News-bringer Mercury spends the day in a close conjunction with aspirational Jupiter, potentially delivering big insights or important conversations concerning your work conditions or ambitions. Elsewhere, the sharp Scorpio moon urges for transformation and intimate encounters for the first half of the day before moving into optimistic, big-picture-seeing Sagittarius.


Things are beginning to fall into place, Taurus. It’s easier than usual for you to see the big picture view of your career trajectory today, as information-gathering Mercury spends the day alongside visionary Jupiter. This union makes for an optimistic, larger than life approach to new career projects underway. Elsewhere, relationship energy dominates the day, as the sensitive Scorpio moon transitions into philosophic Sagittarius.


Embrace the rush of optimism sweeping over you today, Gemini! Your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, spends the day in a mood-boosting conjunction with aspirational Jupiter. This pairing makes it easy to see things from a big-picture perspective and allows you to believe in the big-picture vision that now emerges. The day itself transitions from being work-focused to relationship focused, as the moon moves from sharp Scorpio to broad-minded Sagittarius.


A quiet but important revelation is making itself known beneath Thursday’s skies, Cancer. Messenger Mercury cuddles up with big-plan Jupiter, helping subconscious insights around intimacy bubble up to the surface. This union is a positive, optimistic one which helps lighten the atmosphere of the day. Elsewhere, the moon moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius, transitioning your focus from creative efforts to developing an organized workflow.


Thursday’s cosmic landscape focuses on the helpful allies in your world, Leo. News-bringer Mercury merges with visionary Jupiter today, bringing positive news to the close relationships you’ve been developing. Partnerships across the board benefit from this aspect, as it’s easy to discuss long term plans and big courses of action. The day itself sees you transitioning from introvert to extrovert, as the moon bounces from Scorpio into Sagittarius.


Let yourself ride the wave of positive energy washing upon the cosmic shores today, Virgo. Your ruling planet, quick-thinking Mercury, spends the afternoon in a mood-boosting union with aspirational Jupiter. This union makes it easy for you to see the big picture trajectory of your current work ambitions. Elsewhere, the moon moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius, making the day extroverted and the evening introverted.


Thursday’s skies feature positive cosmic opportunities, Libra. Communicator Mercury spends the day in a pleasant union larger-than-life Jupiter, helping imbue a sense of optimism and faith into creative projects or romantic undertaking. Big news is likely to roll in concerning these two arenas. Meanwhile, the moon transitions from Scorpio to Sagittarius, helping you focus on your resources before turning your attention towards sharing your story.


Important realizations are taking place just beneath the surface of your thinking today, Scorpio. Messenger Mercury whispers secrets into faith-instilling Jupiter’s ear today, as they unite in the sky. These two bring optimism and hope to any rocky terrain you’ve been traversing on the home and family front. Elsewhere, the moon moves from your sign into Sagittarius, helping you hone in on your personal needs and untapped talents.


Listen closely to the messages swirling around in your environment today, Sagittarius. Your ruling planet, optimistic Jupiter, receives a revitalizing visit from messenger Mercury. This pairing is sure to bring news, conversations, or realizations concerning your identity, voice, and roots. The moon spends half the day in private Scorpio before moving into your sign, helping you carry hidden truths into the light.


Important news is emerging today, Capricorn. The universe thinks it’s time that you start believing in your own personal talents… so, why not take that risk? Today’s skies feature the pleasant conjunction of news-bringer Mercury and visionary Jupiter, bringing a refreshed and positive feeling of faith towards your skillsets. The moon meanders from Scorpio into Sagittarius, making part of the day social and the latter half introverted.


Are you becoming more aware of who you’re meant to be, Aquarius? The universe is sending you message after message, and today’s skies are no different. News-bringing Mercury merges with aspirational Jupiter in your sign today—bringing faith, optimism, and luck to your doorstep. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. The day itself goes from career-focused to community-focused, as the moon moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius.


Tune in to the subtle messages sneaking down from the ether today, Pisces. Messenger Mercury spends the day snuggled up alongside your ruling planet, faith-instilling Jupiter. This union brings important revelations, conversations, or news concerning your identity and career. This news may not be overt though, as its more likely to emerge in dreams, visions, or poetic ramblings—so, let yourself tap into the otherworldly today!

Published in Volume 75, Number 20 of The Uniter (March 4, 2021)

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