It’s Capricorn season!

This Friday, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters air sign Aquarius at 6:59 AM and mental processes, writing, and talking, are all functioning highly. Venus changes signs, entering earthy Capricorn at 10:41 AM. Then, also on Friday, the sun gently connects with dreamy Neptune at 11:52 AM. This is a magical aspect that helps you tap into something transcendental and otherworldly. Artistic collaboration and spiritual connections are made. This is helpful as there may some disagreements to smooth over as Mercury clashes with Mars at 9:44 PM.


One of the best ways to remind yourself that you're the commander in chief of your life is by rearranging your life. It's time for some housecleaning! But before you get annoyed at the prospect of organizing closets and scrubbing the refrigerator, stop and think about it. What better way is there to feel powerful than by improving your living situation in such a way that every day moving forward you can see the influence you have?


Do you know the fastest route to your happy place? If not, you'd better figure it out quick! There could be at least one difficult personality living up to their reputation today, making your life a little bit more difficult. Their demands or preferences are going to complicate something that you thought was quick and simple. You can't get mad, but you can get out of there. For solace, you'll need to go to your happy place and stay put until things are all ironed out.


The person in power right now might not be the person you'd like to see in power, but so what? You can and will still achieve a lot today. Their involvement in your daily life is waning, and you won't have to worry about them breathing down your neck. And when you get done doing your thing, they'll be quite impressed with how professional and focused you are. And then maybe you'll start seeing them differently. Today could be the start of a whole new phase of your relationship.


You might think you're seeing double today when you come across someone who reminds you a lot of yourself at a younger age. This person has all the same attitudes and hopes you had, and they're stirring up some emotions about the goals you left unconquered in your life. Your heart is open to trying something new, so why not tackle one of those unfinished tasks? After all, there is no rule that this something new can't be something from your past.


The energy you direct at other people will always come back to you in some way, shape, or form. This is something to keep in mind the next time you feel like chatting on your phone while someone next to you is trying to read. It's important to be more mindful of how you interact with others. You don't have to put yourself second to strangers, but you'll find that the more considerate you are to others, the more considerate they will be to you


Just because your friend or co-worker doesn't like to toot their own horn doesn't mean you have to keep from singing their praises when you hear about their latest triumph. Show them how proud you are of them and organize a little celebration. It doesn't have to be a big affair. Just order a bunch of pizzas or call a local florist for a bouquet. Doing something nice for them will make you feel better than you ever expected!


One of your current projects feels like it will never end. If you've been waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel to come into view, you might be able to get a glimpse of it today if you keep calm and remain confident about it. Worrying about how you're going to finish something or when you're going to finish isn't helping you get it done any faster, is it? Roll up your sleeves and dig in. That's the fastest way to the finish line.


This is a very good day to get what you want, whether it's the attention of a certain someone you have your eye on or just a better parking space. You've got some killer positive energy inside of you right now, and it's creating a protective bubble of good vibes around you. Nothing anyone can say will get you down, and you'll have a kind word for everyone you see. This bright attitude will make a real difference in your day. People will even comment on it.


If you get paired up with someone at work or school, your first reaction might be that the two of you are mismatched. If that's the case, stick with it anyway. Make the best of it. Give this relationship time to bloom, and you could be nicely surprised by what it grows into. Sure, it might be uncomfortable for both of you in the beginning, but it's important to learn how to work with people you don't necessarily understand or even get along with.


A friend has been making some remarkable changes in their life, which could mean you're thinking about making some changes of your own. They have some excellent advice on how to get started in a new direction, so you should pick their brain on the ins and outs of their transformation. They'll be flattered by the attention, which will encourage them to keep on going with this lifestyle renovation. Don't be afraid to let someone know you're proud of them.


Take a second look at recent events and you'll finally be able to see them for what they are. A little distance plus time can give you clarity. It's not easy to be honest with yourself about the mistakes you've made in the past, but it's the best way to grow. If in retrospect you see that you said or did something you regret, make amends today and apologize if necessary. Pretending everything is fine will only build walls between you and people you care about.


If you've been dreaming about making a change in your life, today you could get the chance to start making that dream come true. This is only the beginning, though. You can't expect any major transformations to happen overnight. If you have unrealistic expectations, you'll only get frustrated. If you're working on making a change to your physical being, this is doubly true. Understand that this will take time, but you'll be able to stick with it until you reach your goal.

Published in Volume 75, Number 13 of The Uniter (January 7, 2021)

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