It’s Scorpio season!


Patience has never been your strong suit, especially when it comes to anything you want. If there's something out there you have a hankering for, you won't be willing to wait until it's half price. And face it, when it comes to your taste, few things ever get discounted. Full price will do just fine as long as you get to bring it home and play with it today.


Speaking of making a move, if you don't do it first, someone else will. Enough with thinking about it, mulling it over, and trying to decide which moment would be best. Use your instincts, which have yet to let you down if you think about it. Just do it. This person has been waiting long enough, and so have you. Besides, isn't it fun to keep this new interest on their toes?


Some quality time alone, or, if you're attached, with your one and only, is definitely in order. And that means doing something that's particularly tough for you: disconnecting the electronic devices. Yes, all of them. Don't hesitate. You know people can leave messages. And doesn't absence make the heart grow fonder?


A long-distance invitation could arrive from someone you haven't seen in far too long. Will you be the one traveling? Not necessarily. As fond as you are of home, you can probably talk this loved one into making the trek instead. But if you do decide to go, start making your plans. It's a terrific time to look into travel deals. And weren't you just wishing for a break from your routine? Well, here it is!


You have a dilemma. On the one hand, you want to keep playing, especially since someone you weren't expecting to see suddenly turned up. On the other, you've been struck by a strong dose of duty and responsibility, and you're already starting to worry about work. There's only one thing to do: divide the day equally. Work by day and play after sunset. Problem solved.


Don't hold back your feelings for a second longer. Everyone wants to hear all about them, especially the person who's inspired your current happiness. Besides, you're feeling so darned good that it's written all over your face. Share the wealth. It's not fair to keep all that good stuff to yourself. Can't the rest of us have just a little bit of it so we can vicariously walk a mile in your glass slippers?


There's a tender, affectionate energy in the heavens above you, the kind that's tailor-made for an evening in. Order some rich, sinful takeout, open a nice bottle of wine, and stream some romantic movies. You probably haven't had a chance to be together with your partner in what feels like centuries. Enjoy it. And if you're single, you can still treat yourself. You deserve it!


You may have superhuman abilities when it comes to focusing on the task at hand, but you also know when it's time to quit. After days of pounding away at a project, it's finally done. You may be tired, but you're ready to move on and concentrate on an entirely different subject, namely, the person who's been impatiently waiting for you to finish this latest venture and find some time for them.


You aren't in the mood for any playing around today. Believe it or not, you could wake up in the mood to make lists and get things done. Sure, that doesn't sound like your usual M.O., but whoever said you were anything close to "usual"? Definitely not anybody who's ever spent an hour with your dynamic self! Get busy because this mood may not last long!


Now here's a day you can live with. Everyone will be solid, practical, and responsible, just the way you go about things all the time. This certainly could mean that you'll be moved to make a business decision, even the one you've been putting off for a while now. If it feels right, go ahead. If you're doubtful, you should still bring the papers to a seasoned professional before you sign anything at all.


Clearly, you adore your family. And your friends are very, very special to you, too. They're always there for you, and vice versa, and you undoubtedly share an awful lot of memories. It's all about these kindred spirits for you now as you try to make them happy any way you possibly can. That could include saying what you think they want to hear. You might want to reconsider that part.


Each and every word you utter right now has a solid, grounded tone to it. So when you're asked for your opinion (and even if you're not), you'll be more than happy to give it. Everyone's ears are wide open and waiting for your words of wisdom. If they disagree, they certainly won't utter their dissention. Use your verbal momentum to elicit change today.

Published in Volume 75, Number 08 of The Uniter (November 5, 2020)

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