Follow the Sun off the Grid Yoga Festival

July 27

Follow the Sun off the Grid Yoga Festival is in its third year of offering a one-day festival at Eternal Springs, just south of Lenore, Man.

Follow the Sun blends yoga and nature. // Supplied photo

Laurel Lamb and Bonnie Michaudville are the two who brought this festival to life.

“We both are passionate about yoga and the outdoors and health and wellness, so we decided to partner together to put on this big event a couple years ago,” Lamb says.

“We started it too because we are rural, and I don’t think we need to drive to the city all the time to go to big events,” she says. “So we like to host big-city events in our small communities, and we have awesome instructors, so we wanted to give them a platform to showcase their knowledge and expertise, too.”

There are 20 yoga courses offered in five sessions throughout the day, which participants sign up for when registering. The yoga classes are accessible for beginners and more experienced yogis, and a description for each course is also available at the time of registration.

Presenters will also be at the festival all day, including folks from across Manitoba, Canada and France.

“We really promote it as a self-care day in nature,” Lamb says.

Registration is $95 until June 27, and then the price goes up to $120. The registration cutoff is July 19. While registering for classes or presenters, it’s indicated what participants will need to bring with them for the day.

Published in Volume 73, Number 25 of The Uniter (May 30, 2019)

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