Favourite place to eat

Photo by Mike Sudoma

1. Stella’s Café and Bakery 

2. Deer + Almond 

3. The Tallest Poppy / The Grove (tie) 


Stella’s has been voted by the readers of The Uniter as their favorite place to eat this year. 

Winnipeg is bustling with an array of fine eateries and diners. Provision of good food at reasonable prices and quality customer service are some the core values of these restaurants. 

With all these available options, what makes Stella’s stand out? Meghan Thiessen, the general manager of the Stella’s on Portage, believes the restaurant represents the affability and homeyness that is integral to Winnipeg’s culture. 

“Stella’s is one of the best in Winnipeg because we stay true to our core values which is simple healthy food. Everything is made from scratch and provided with friendly service and good people,” Thiessen says. 

Stella’s was established in 1999 by Tore, Tomas and Lehla Sohlberg and Anneen DuPlessis and since then, the quality of food – be it baked breads, jams, soups or beverages – and the exceptional customer service has spoken for the restaurant. 

Today, there are seven Stella’s locations across the city with a new location on Pembina Highway scheduled to be open January 2016. The local restaurant has become a Winnipeg favorite over the years and several Winnipeggers are proud to call it theirs. 

“I think a lot of it is the atmosphere,” says Brian Rice, who has been dining at Stella’s for 15 years. “They are alway kind and respectful. Service is always good and the food is good. It’s just a nice ambience here.” 

The management of Stella’s also believes they have a responsibility to the city. Thiessen says the restaurant strives to be inclusive and give back to the community through donations and events. 

“Each Stella’s (location) is involved in their community. The Stella’s here on Portage has a really close relationship with the University of Winnipeg, the Buhler Centre and the Downtown BIZ,” Thiessen says.

Published in Volume 70, Number 13 of The Uniter (December 3, 2015)

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