Favourite local politician

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1. Uzoma Asagwara
2. Leah Gazan
3. Wab Kinew

“It’s really humbling to be considered so thoughtfully by the community. I genuinely love Union Station (constituency). My heart is in the community. It’s a reflection of this strong New Democratic Party (NDP) team I feel privileged to be a part of,” Uzoma Asagwara says.

Asagwara responded with these appreciative thoughts after being named Winnipeg's favourite local politician.

They made history as the first Black queer person elected as an MLA in 2019.

Asagwara is a registered psychiatric nurse and addictions specialist who serves as the opposition critic for health, seniors and long-term care.

They are often on their feet during question period in the House and do not shy away from social media to amplify their voice on behalf of Union Station constituents.

Asagwara has a history of experience in activism and community work.

“As someone with a lived experience of (fighting for) equity across all systems, that is a value that is important to be reflected in every political space that exists in our province, in our country,” they say.

They view healthcare as Manitoba’s top political issue, followed by affordability, climate change and education, in that order. However, Asagwara doesn’t seek to hold higher office, at least for the time being.

“My aspirations are to be the best representative for the constituency of Union Station that I could possibly be, and for our team to be the next government of Manitoba. It’s time for a change, and it’s time for an NDP government that puts people first,” Asagwara says.

Their spirit of generosity and compassion for their community is even reflected by their name. “My first name means ‘the good road’ or ‘God’s good journey,’” Asagwara says.

Published in Volume 77, Number 12 of The Uniter (December 1, 2022)

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