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Paper Cut Podcast is an arts and culture show that gives a platform to members of Winnipeg’s arts scene who wouldn’t otherwise have a place to express their voice. It is hosted by Olivia Michalczuk and Jared Gauthier.

Michalczuk is an arts and culture reporter and former editor who has been writing for music magazines for around five years. She is a city planning student at the University of Manitoba.

Gauthier is a marketing professional who graduated from the Creative Communications program at Red River College with a major in media production and an interest in radio. He has shifted his focus to podcasting after a few years in the industry.

The two started the podcast in mid-January of 2018, and after one meeting to plan for it, things started rolling.

“A week later, we had a website, Facebook, Instagram and four interviews booked,” Michalczuk says.

Both Gauthier and Michalczuk say that without each other, they wouldn’t be able to do the podcast.

Paper Cut Podcast stands out in its broad approach to covering the art culture in Winnipeg, from music management professionals to tarot readers.

“Every time we get together, our list is growing and growing. We want to get to everyone,” Gauthier says.

Rather than having timely guests based on upcoming events, Paper Cut looks to share deeper experiences.

“We try and differentiate ourselves in that we’re not a promotional podcast. We’re trying to get those stories out of our guests,” Gauthier says.

“We didn’t want each episode to be a buildup to an event,” Michalczuk says. “We don’t want their stories to expire.”

Michalczuk says through her time as a reporter, she has had meaningful conversations with people but can only express a smaller part of their story, so the podcast is a way of further exploring the arts and culture scene.

“Whatever you’re doing in the arts and culture scene matters,” Michalczuk says. “Just because we haven’t talked to you yet doesn’t mean we won’t get to you. Everybody’s time to be appreciated is forthcoming.”

Paper Cut Podcast releases a new episode every Monday and will start Season 2 in January.

*Editor’s note: we opted to profile the second-place podcast as we’ve written profiles on the winner, Witchpolice, the last two years as well.

Published in Volume 73, Number 12 of The Uniter (November 29, 2018)

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