Favourite Local Place to Eat

1. Roughage Eatery (126 Sherbrook st.)

1.    Roughage Eatery (126 Sherbrook st.)
2.    Little Sister Coffee Maker (470 River Ave. / 539 Osborne St.)
3.    Four-way tie

Roughage Eatery, the vegan restaurant that opened at 126 Sherbrook St. only three months ago, has already made its mark. Owners Jessie Hodel and Candice Tonelete were doing pop-up shows and markets for two years before they opened their restaurant on Sep. 14.

They love for people to eat at Roughage, as much as people like to eat there.

Photo by Keeley Braunstein-Black

“I just get excited when people want to come eat my food ... The love that they have for the food is my love for them,” Hodel says. “The love for the environment, the world, our community, the food, our staff.”

The restaurant really is an extension of their home.

“We want everyone to have a nice home-cooked meal when they come here ... We want people who come here to experience home-cooked meals that we make from home, the earth, just welcoming. Come home and have a nice meal,” Tonelete says.

Hodel says “to come into this restaurant is like to come into my kitchen at home, and I want everyone to feel comfortable and safe in all aspects. I’m allergic to eggs, so when we go out to other restaurants, eggs are such a huge part of it. (Our food) is comfortable all around. You can ... feel comfortable knowing that you’re not going to have any issues afterwards.”

This love extends to the environment and future generations. The climate emergency is a huge concern for Hodel and Tonelete.

“Animal agriculture is a huge portion of that, so making our small change to show people you can still eat delicious, ‘meaty’ food and not have to worry about killing millions of animals,” Hodel says.

Hodel and Tonelete have signed a one-year lease on the building and are looking for other options. They say that the owners plan to demolish the building after the lease is up and will build condos on the property.

Published in Volume 74, Number 12 of The Uniter (November 28, 2019)

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