Favourite local person behind the counter

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1. Lindsay Loster of Deseo 

2. Nils Vik of Parlour 

3. Josey Krahn of Deer + Almond / Joanne Rodriguez of The Good Will / Abi Torquato of The Good Will / Carol-Ann Bohrn of Little Sister Coffee Maker (tie) 


The people have voted and the person they want to see most when being served is none other than Lindsay Loster. 

“It’s very exciting and I’m very happy and humbled that people would vote for me,” Loster says. 

The counter she’s frequently behind is at Deseo Bistro, a sharp restaurant where people go to share cocktails and stories over plates crafted by chef Scott Bagshaw. 

Loster only started serving at the restaurant in April, but clearly has made her mark on the place alongside the rest of the team that keeps it running. 

“The staff is excellent. I think we’re definitely a family,” Loster says. “We go out for food and drinks and dancing together. We really enjoy each other’s company.” 

Loster understands that the win of the title isn’t just a win for her, but the rest of the Deseo family as well. 

“I think they’ll be happy with this title because it reflects on them too,” Loster says. “This isn’t a job you can do alone, and the only reason I’m any good at it is because they’re all amazing at what they do. We all work together.” 

Attention, knowledge, friendliness and professionalism are some of the qualities Loster provides for her customer. 

She says she truly understands that in order to give good customer service, it’s important to think of yourself as being on the receiving side of the counter and to deliver what you’d expect. 

“I try to make sure I give customers what I’d want in a dining experience,” Loster says. “I think regardless of why you’re out – a date, event or whatever – it’s important to give them the best experience possible.” 

If you’re looking for beyond excellent service, visit Loster at Deseo Bistro (696 Osborne St.), and she’ll make sure you’re smiling like she is.

Published in Volume 70, Number 13 of The Uniter (December 3, 2015)

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