Favourite Local Performance

1. Yes We Mystic, Ten Seated Figures album release (April 27 @ The Garrick)

Photo by Adam Kelly

1.    Yes We Mystic, Ten Seated Figures album release (April 27 @ The Garrick)
2.    Virgo Rising (May 17 @ The GoodWill w/ Pisces and Urban Vacation)
3.    Winnipeg Pro Wrestling: Sherb Times a Charm (May 30 @ Sherbrook Inn)

Yes We Mystic’s Ten Seated Figures album release, put on at The Garrick in April of this year, was done in collaboration with five local artists: Frances Koncan, Madeline Rae, Julian K., Ross McMillan and Davis Plett.

These artists were formed into a group that temporarily posed as a second version of the band to create confusion as to which Yes We Mystic was the real one.

According to Adam Fuhr, co-lead singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer of Yes We Mystic, the idea of incorporating a second group into the album was connected to the record being about the falsehoods of memory.

“The new record is about the gaps in our memories, the lies we tell ourselves (that) can shape who we are,” Fuhr says. “So we wanted people discovering the band to kind of experience that in real time and make them question their own memories.”

The second version of the band joined Yes We Mystic on stage in a one-of-a-kind performance.

Fuhr says this performance was the only time the two groups “shared a stage together and got to collaborate on putting a performance together.”

The performance was designed to break the audience’s expectations of a live show by catching them off guard. The show ended with all 10 performers sitting on stage in chairs staring at the audience until everyone left.

“The first time people had seen (any) of these faces together were on the album, when the album cover was announced many, many months before.

“By ending things off by all sitting down ... it brought things full circle,” Fuhr says. “It was an uncomfortable ending to a wild ride of a show.”

Fuhr says Yes We Mystic was lucky to have worked with the five other artists, and that it was a fulfilling experience.

Published in Volume 74, Number 12 of The Uniter (November 28, 2019)

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