Ch-ch-ch-ch changes

There’s a subtle thread of shifts and changes running through some of the articles in this week’s issue.

Perhaps it’s fitting to open this theme with Davis Plett’s piece about a reading group being run by MAWA around Desire Change, which is bringing readers together to explore work often missed in art canons, to explore ideas and build community through discussion.

In the city section, Alexandra Neufeldt spoke to organizers of the 8th Annual Indigenous Arts & Crafts Sale about how the format of their sale breaks down barriers for artisans. Their lower table fees create a space both for people to discover more makers, and for those makers to benefit directly from the sales they make: It’s a small but meaningful change.

And in the comments section, Mieke Ruth Van Ineveld calls for a shift in Transgender Day of Remembrance, insisting that memorial can and must have a political element. Van Ineveld offers a reminder that intersectionality is, and must be, key for TDOR.

These aren’t the only pieces that examine shifts and changes (whether they are in thinking, in practice or in the way we relate to each other), but I’ll invite you to poke around though the rest of the issue to find the remaining gems
for yourself.

—Anastasia Chipelski

Published in Volume 73, Number 11 of The Uniter (November 22, 2018)

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