Capturing ‘diiiversity’

Up and coming Winnipeg blog has its lens set on the world

An image from local fashion blog Winnipeg Street Fashion. Supplied

Known as “diiiverse” online, 20-year-old Emmeline Guerrero’s alter ego is not a caped crime fighter by cover of darkness. Instead she works hard for the money by day, and blogs and designs by night.

Together with John Cullo, Guerrero makes up Winnipeg Street Fashion, a blog that compiles just that - the street fashion of Winnipeg.

The inspiration behind the blog came to Guerrero from trends overseas.

“I was always interested in Japanese fashion and picked up a Japanese fashion magazine called Kera,” Guerrero says by email.

“It had a section called ‘street snap’ which displayed the crazy fashion of the streets of Japan. After seeing that (magazine) I had always wanted to do something similar, but in Canada. Finally, I found the perfect way to display it (a blog), and summed up the courage to ask strangers (if I could take their photos).”

A lot of fashion bloggers focus on designer lines and go into detail with each couture season, but not this team.

“I (have) always thought that runway fashion isn’t functional. Interesting, definitely, but not functional.” Guerrero says. “I believe fashion is on the streets. Well-dressed people on the go.”

Another aspect that sets Winnipeg Street Fashion apart from other fashion sites, says Guerrero, is that it is completely contained within Winnipeg’s perimeter.

“It concentrates on Winnipeg and only Winnipeg. I hadn’t looked at a lot of street-fashion blogs before I started, to be honest.”

Want to have your photo snapped and included on their site? Stand out.

Guerrero says the bigger and brighter you dress, the more likely she will stop you on the street.

“Bright colours, interesting pattern combinations, and crazy hair,” are just a few things that catch Guerrero’s eye in an outfit. “Sometimes one particular accessory pops out for me and I have to snap it, like bright sneakers, a cute purse, wacky hair, (or) maybe a tattoo. I haven’t shot someone because of their tattoo but I probably will - tattoos are like an accessory.” 

Often blogs are very personal, single-narrative points of view, but collaboration seems to be the key to Winnipeg Street Fashion’s success thus far.

“Because of our busy schedules, it’s easier if there’s more than one person shooting. If I’m too busy for a couple weeks, then (John) can snap, and vice versa. Sometimes we’re both too busy though, but we try our best.”

While Guerrero currently has her camera focused on our fair city, she has her eyes set on bigger things to come.

“I hope to travel the world and snap street fashion everywhere and meet the most interesting people,” Guerrero says. “I’d also love to have my own street fashion section in a magazine or newspaper someday.”

In the meantime, Guerrero will continue to scour our streets for the fabulously fashionable.

Winnipeg, you have been warned. You may want to reconsider those pyjama pants and flip flops before heading out the door. You never know who may have a camera.


Published in Volume 66, Number 12 of The Uniter (November 17, 2011)

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