Kaeleigh Ayre

  • Rockin’ the fields of Minnedosa

    The Rockin’ the Fields festival is celebrating its tenth year out in Minnedosa, taking over for the dearly departed classic rock weekend as the perfect place for the best in back to basics, radio-ready rock - and no one plays louder and harder than local four piece When Planets Al!gn.

  • Gimli Film Festival

    Manitoba’s longest running film festival is back for a thirteenth year, but there are no superstitions about the number.

  • From the bedroom to the dance floor

    Toronto-based electro-pop artist Diamond Rings (a.k.a. John O’Regan) has had rising success over the past two years.

  • True love, and comedy, knows no bounds

    Local actor/writer/romantic Victor Enns is saying good-bye to Winnipeg the way he knows best: with a sketch comedy show.

  • Crowdfunding the Oldfolks Home

    A growth in confidence is not exactly an expected result from an earth-shattering divorce, but it is exactly what Winnipeg’s Ricardo Lopez-Aguilar needed to push him to the next level musically as his one-man folktronic outfit Oldfolks Home.

  • Retro New York play RED hits MTC’s Warehouse

    The well-known tale of master and apprentice is given a splash of colour with the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s Warehouse season opener, RED.

  • Put away the pearls

    The Manitoba Opera is celebrating its 40th anniversary by marking another important milestone in the opera world: the bicentennial of the birth of composer Giuseppe Verdi.

  • All they want to do is dance, dance, dance

    When Casimiro Nhussi applied for the first grant from the Canada Arts Council for independent dance work in 2002, the last thing on his mind was celebrating a 10th anniversary.

  • When plants whisper

    Legend has it that talking to plants helps them to flourish, but what happens when the plants talk back?

  • The Pack A.D. lurch into town with monster sound

    The Pack A.D. has done a lot in the four years since signing with Mint Records.

  • Goblins - not just for Halloween anymore

    Princesses, neglectful parents, goblins and evil plots - the Royal Winnipeg Ballet is bringing a magical story to the stage that is sure to enrapture audiences.

  • Always look on the bright side of life

    If genocide is like an assembly line, who is to blame? How do normal people commit horrific crimes?

  • Girl Model needs more depth

    Very young, tall and slim girls with long luscious hair stand around in a dance studio. They are awkward, wearing no more than a bikini, high heels and a number.

  • With art, everyone is an artist

    We are our own toughest critic, and sometimes our own worst enemy.

  • Tim Burton’s latest film pleases heart and mind

    The animation is wonderful, and the references and laughs are plentiful. As a long-time Burton nerd, I was not disappointed.

  • Widening the gap

    Together for nearly two decades, Saskatoon soul power trio Wide Mouth Mason has been across the country and back many a time.

  • This is not your ordinary cinema

    “You will see no big brand McMovie at our fest. Independent cinema is not a bulk format experience, served a billion at a time.”

  • Winnipeg’s Pop Crimes: Getting away with it

    While many of us were enjoying the dog days of summer, getting in the last bit of relaxtion for a while, the members of local rock quartet Pop Crimes put their noses to the grindstone.

  • If it’s a funeral, let’s have the best funeral ever

    On April 2, 2011, New York dance punk band LCD Soundsystem played its last show at Madison Square Garden in front of thousands of adoring and heartbroken fans as well as several cameras.

  • She’s a little bit country, she’s a little bit rock ‘n’ roll

    It’s not quite a truck stop, but Lindi Ortega is hanging out in a hotel room in Nashville, Tennessee, waiting for the phone to ring.

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