Cannon Bros.

Local duo Cannon Bros has unleashed a heck of a debut LP. Recorded and mixed by Cam Loeppky (Greg MacPherson), the 12-song disc captures the minimalist pop/rock guitar and drums/back-and-forths of Alannah Walker and Cole Woods perfectly. The fact that I remember the duo of openers (Soft View, You See) strictly from the band’s live show is a testament to the strength of their songwriting, and they sound clear and punchy on record. Out of Here, the band’s best song (and the only one re-recorded from last year’s scrappy EP) is fantastic, while closer Glow could be a lost hit by The Inbreds. Call them a love letter to ‘90s heroes Thrush Hermit or Dinosaur Jr. - but even without their influences, this is a perfect disc from start to finish.

Published in Volume 66, Number 12 of The Uniter (November 17, 2011)

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