Canadian Museum for Human Rights

  • Suzett Pangilinan, Science student at the University of Manitoba

    I think it’s a good idea just because if people visit the museum they’re able to know what different cultures have gone through for a better life. The museum will help people understand other people’s perspectives.

  • Robert ‘Whitey’ Craig, Retired

    We have a lot of things we need more than a museum, such as let’s get our economy on track, look after the seniors, take care of the people in the core area here, let’s fix our infrastructure.

  • Diane Peloquin, Retired

    I think it’ll be pretty good. Might bring more people to Winnipeg. I’m interested in anything.

  • Shutong Hu, U of W Collegiate

    I don’t think it should be here. Maybe in Vancouver or Toronto because that’s a big city.

  • Tom King, Healthcare Worker

    It’s very good. I think any larger city would probably like to have it in their city. It’s in the centre of Canada. Other cities get their fair share of assistance, especially in Ottawa. I’d just go there and just learn.

  • Jessica Bednarz, First year, undeclared

    I think that’s excellent. I think it’ll bring people in to Winnipeg. It’s something to be proud of. [The museum should showcase] everything, from ancient history to the future, what still needs to be improved.

Published in Volume 63, Number 16 of The Uniter (January 15, 2009)

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