Sandy Klowak

  • Men can be victims, too

    A news headline like “Prostitute found in dumpster” might have been a thing of the recent past, but it’s all but vanished from Canada’s mainstream media landscape these days thanks to an effective public awareness campaign against the harmful effects of victim-blaming.

  • When the claws come out

    A recent Winnipeg Free Press article showcased a war of words between Bill McDonald, executive director of the Winnipeg Humane Society and D’Arcy Johnston, president and founder of D’Arcy’s A.R.C. (Animal Rescue Centre), a no-kill animal shelter in Winnipeg.

  • Concerns over kids’ camp

    Environmentalists’ claims that the provincial government bulldozed a road into a hike-in area of Whiteshell Provincial Park without public consultation have sparked criticism of Manitoba Conservation’s environmental policies and lack of transparency.

  • Businesses prefer suburbia to city core

    When it comes to commercial development, it seems Winnipeg is constantly expanding outward – and some say the city is to blame for allowing developers to call all the shots and pull resources to the suburbs.

  • Campus News Briefs

    Security threat slated for April Fools’ Day; U-Pass back from the dead; Budget bad news for U of W; U of W prof helps spread the joy of math; Students quit meat for a week

  • Thunderbird House

    The circular building topped with the head and wings of a massive metal thunderbird situated at 715 Main Street causes many newcomers to Winnipeg to stare.

  • Turning plant waste into fuel

    Amid growing concern with the feasibility of conventional ethanol, a new type of biofuel is emerging onto the Canadian scene – and sweeping prairie provinces by storm.

  • Voter turnout way up in UWSA election

    Democracy is on a good path at the University of Winnipeg. This year’s University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) general election saw a six per cent hike in voter turnout from last year.

  • Provincial government stalls on park designation

    The government is taking too long to give one Manitoba area provincial park status, say community members and activists.

  • Alcohol ban considered by student group

    The University of Winnipeg’s Aboriginal Student Council (ASC) recently took the first step in an effort to ban all alcohol-related events supported by their group.

  • University voter turnout up across country

    The University of Winnipeg’s 2009 student election boasted a fuller slate of candidates than usual, which may have contributed to a higher voter turnout.

  • Organic food

    Do you eat organic food? Why or why not?

  • Hot for energy savings

    Canadians are increasingly investing in energy and water saving household devices, including low-flow showerheads, low-volume toilets and energy efficient light bulbs, a recent Statistics Canada report suggests. But is this a case of ‘buyer beware?’

  • Seen and not heard

    How can gender analysis help us understand the current financial crisis?
    It’s questions like these that just might put the ‘Oomph’ back into International Women’s Day, said renowned feminist Cynthia Enloe, research professor at Clark University in Massachusetts.

  • Robust election roster might revamp UWSA

    The University of Winnipeg’s Students Association’s (UWSA) spring election is shaping up to be an interesting race, with candidates eager to change the face of the ailing students’ association.

  • Restrictions on panhandlers

    Should there be restrictions put on panhandlers?

  • Keeping police in check

    The Manitoba government consulted with the public on proposed changes to the Provincial Police Act recently.

  • The pill — revealed

    Hearing the phrase ‘birth control,’ most people picture the pill—a cute pastel tablet that magically wards off babies besides other fun tricks like fighting acne.

  • Marrying a stranger

    Morad Nakhleh’s parents had a rough start when they were wed through an arranged marriage in the West Bank, their place of origin. “He didn’t like her at first. He wanted to run away to Beirut,” Nakhleh recalled of her father.

  • Jesus, Vishnu and Muhammad meeting at the altar

    Couples wanting to tie the knot have an overwhelming number of options at their fingertips, from choosing the band to choosing an exotic location. But when it comes to the ceremony, what kind of religious service suits the contemporary couple?

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