Business development in the West End

  • Bonnie Timshel, canvasser, Wilderness Committee

    I’ve noticed a lot of Downtown BIZ programs going on. There are lots of opportunities, but it’s still not enough. I’d like to see more downtown and West End local businesses develop.

  • Dave Dorning, UWSA Bike Lab Coordinator

    I haven’t heard much. Anything the government can do, they should. They need to get in touch with people and not be advocates just for big business. They need to foster programs and businesses which are sustainable in the long-term for the community.

  • Shelly Kroeker, third year student, business

    They’ve been doing a great job, the Downtown BIZ is doing great. Designating the SHED is really important. Developing niche businesses is great. At this point, I think they are targeting the development of businesses which can accept the tax burden. More tax breaks for local businesses run by local people is important. Making sure we maintain innovative people here is key.

  • Jessica Adkin, faculty assistant, U of W Faculty of Business and Economics

    They could do more. Taxes are a burden for start up. More help in the initial five years would be great because most go under in the first two years. Offering better tax refunds would work. Offering marketing assistance would be important because many small businesses have to find their own advertising means.

Published in Volume 67, Number 10 of The Uniter (November 7, 2012)

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