Volume 67, Number 10

Published November 7, 2012

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  • Writing home

    In the past 11 years, local writer Michelle Elrick has lived in 16 different postal zones in Canada and she’s travelled through the East Coast as well as all over Europe. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that her latest project explores the question that has plagued her since childhood: What is home?

  • Stripping and tugging the hair away

    A couple weeks ago, over drinks with The Uniter’s culture editor, Dunja Kovacevic, I sarcastically suggested it would be great to have hair torn from my pubic region with sticky, warm gel so I could write about it.

  • Pretty ponies and pistols prove that dreams can come true

    My jaw dropped. Saucer-eyed, I sat frozen in a ridicule gawk. This can’t be real… Oh my crow, this is real.

  • Get in the ring

    After several rounds of sparring, Mary Spencer steps out of the ring at Winnipeg Elite Boxing MMA Academy and it’s immediately apparent she’s quick to make friends with her approachable personality and infectious laugh.

  • Put away the pearls

    The Manitoba Opera is celebrating its 40th anniversary by marking another important milestone in the opera world: the bicentennial of the birth of composer Giuseppe Verdi.

  • Retro New York play RED hits MTC’s Warehouse

    The well-known tale of master and apprentice is given a splash of colour with the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s Warehouse season opener, RED.

  • Heads will roll

    The road is where you’ll find Off With Their Heads this fall.

  • When the levees break, brothers gonna work it out

    If the first wavering, pleading bleat of trumpet doesn’t give it away, make no mistake, the next 52 minutes of The Lytics’ sophomore album is in many ways an explanation and apology for having been gone too long.

  • Local five-piece hip-hop group’s sophomore effort a bold achievement

    It’s incredible how after only three years and just one studio album Winnipeg’s hip-hop ambassadors The Lytics have matured so strikingly with their sophomore release They Told Me.

  • Kapyong Barracks a sign of government negligence

    The vacant Kapyong Barracks site at the intersection of Grant Avenue and Kenaston Boulevard has been a source of civic disdain for years.

  • Growing income inequality: why you should care

    In the 30 years after the Second World War, the middle class in North America expanded and prospered to a historically unprecedented extent, as more people gained a good education, the manufacturing sector offered plentiful, high-paying jobs, and there existed an implicit social contract that employers and employees would share fairly in the fruits of their collective efforts.

  • Lest we forget

    The Americans call it Veterans Day.

  • Education student sues university, high school administration for defamation, conspiracy

    The former host of yesteryear’s quirky local community access TV show “Math with Marty” has stepped back into the local public’s eye once more - albeit this time bearing legal papers in favor of his usual chalk-drawn equations.

  • International News Briefs

    Gbagbo fit to be tried; Free Pussy Riot: Medvedev; Twitter comment lands man in prison; Suicide bomber kills politician

  • Local News Briefs

    Teen mother and infant mortality rates in province higher than national average; Downtown parking rates to double Nov. 13; Athlete Clara Hughes honoured; Province accused of ordering insurance funded road work; City reviews trash pick-up across Canada

  • Concerns remain about the safety of energy drinks - especially with alcohol

    In the wake of five reported deaths associated with the beverage Monster, critics are calling for tougher regulations on energy drinks in Manitoba.

  • Local ‘carsharing’ co-op nominated for national award

    To some, the idea of sharing four cars between 120 people might sound like a special kind of hell.

  • Driven by her passion

    From the halls of the University of Winnipeg to the limestone perches of one of Winnipeg’s most storied hotels.

  • Business development in the West End

    Has the municipal and provincial government done enough to foster local small business development downtown and in the West End?

  • Fashion Streeter

    St. Bernard. Whiskey. Expedition.