Boredom in the time of COVID-19

Whose (quarantined) House? The Uniter’s (quarantined) House!

Like nearly everyone else right now, the staff of The Uniter is stuck at home. Social distancing, self-quarantine and the sudden global aversion to human contact all make it particularly tricky to put together a newspaper.

Especially difficult to execute is the Whose House, our weekly feature in which we visit the homes of local artists, professionals and personalities. It’s a little tricky to visit someone’s home when you’re not supposed to leave your own. And, well, would you let us into your living room right now? I wouldn’t. Who knows where we’ve been?

However, just as we’re working remotely, we’re sharing our own homes with readers remotely. Earlier this week, Uniter staff were asked to send in photos and descriptions of the items, spaces and/or pets keeping them happy during the pandemic.

1) Keeley Braunstein-Black (staff photographer)

“Hitting things makes me feel better. Also, hooping is fun! Move everything to the walls of your living room or dining room.”

2) Olivia Norquay (business manager)

“My partner and I adopted Nina from the Humane Society in October, and she is the sweetest, even when she's eating all my plants.”

3) Talia Steele (creative director)

“Having Hank around brings me a lot of comfort, and cats are just really funny critters, so he’s been a good source of entertainment during these times.”

4) Daniel Crump (photo editor)

“Never had one lesson! My Opa used to play, and because of that, I have always wanted to learn. I received this violin for my birthday last year in April and figure now is the time, if there ever was one, to become a prodigy. Apologies to my downstairs neighbours!”

5) Danielle Doiron (copy and style editor)

“I live alone for most of the year, so I'm rocking social isolation solo. To stay connected with my loved ones, I'm playing Trivial Pursuit over FaceTime with my sister and silently cursing my partner for putting every second card back in the box the wrong way.”

6) Callie Lugosi (staff photographer)

“Art was my life before COVID-19, but now it's really all I've got, so I'm trying to spend as much as I can stand in (my home studio). It has beautiful morning light. I tend to bring my coffee in here in the morning before getting to work on art things.”

7) Christina Hajjar (columnist)

“Snacking enriches any experience. Food is pleasure, and I'm all stocked up.”

8) Hannah Foulger (arts and culture reporter)

“I picked up this record at a shop in Cambridge, Ont. (two weeks ago). The first thing I did when I got home, after washing my hands, was to put on this record. On Broadway is my favourite, because I live in West Broadway.”

9) Alex Neufeldt (city reporter)

“Stress baking/cooking while catching up on podcasts has become my evening routine these days. You're Wrong About goes great with most Bon Appétit recipes, and Flash Forward is a good match for perfecting the basic chocolate chip cookie or brownie to your taste and texture preferences."

10) Katherine Cao (features editor)

“This is Peeg, my Pig! On top of her is Pudding/Round Bear, and next to her is Ikea Cactus. I think literal names are funny.”

11) Callum Goulet-Kilgour (campus reporter)

“Hopefully my family members enjoy this part of my house as much as I do during this period of self-isolation.”

Published in Volume 74, Number 23 of The Uniter (March 26, 2020)

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