A simple space with clownish traits

Whose House? Ady Kay’s House!

Ady Kay in her home.

Photo by Keeley Braunstein-Black

As an actor, performance artist, photographer, singer, clown and so much more, Ady Kay is certifiably busy.

“I’ve just always been an artist,” she says. “I started off loving performance in high school. There was drama class, and I was all over that.”

After high school, Kay continued to pursue acting in film and on stage. Recently, she had a blast playing multiple characters in a production of Hamlet.

In addition to the acting, Kay has also been developing a  clown workshop for kids.

“It’s just in its seedling stages,” she says. “It’s called ‘Finding Your Inner Clown,’” although the name may change later.

The aim for the workshop is for kids to have a place to “express their inner goof” and unleash what they feel inside without holding back.

There are many wonderful educators out there, but with teacher-to-student classroom ratios and limited resources, it can be difficult for an educator to attend to every child’s many needs. Kay wants to do her part to help by using the creativity of clowning to give kids a method to build their self-confidence and discover their individuality.

“Everybody has different needs,”  Kay says. “It’s so important for kids to bring the inside of themselves onto the outside and to know it’s okay to be exactly who they are.”

Kay has big dreams for the workshop. She hopes to take it to as many schools as she can in Winnipeg and hopefully even across Canada.

“The most important thing anybody can do for themselves is to listen to yourself,” she says. “Go inward. Listen to what feels good to you.”

“I see so many kids comparing themselves to people, and I see myself doing that, and I think that’s the biggest thing for me, and I think that’s my message to most kids I encounter ... listen to yourself, listen close.”

1) Ballet branch tree

“I’m really obsessed with trees, so all of these trees are my friends. The one across the street there that looks like it’s doing a ballet thing, her name is Cressida, in my opinion.”

2) For dedicated people watching

“We’re people-watchers. We even have binoculars. It’s really creepy.”

3) The best spot

“This is kind of the place I hang out most.”

4) A clown's many faces

“Clowns have many, many sides. The clown training I did, we had six different masks that we

created. The creation of these masks are very spontaneous and impulsive, and I believe it’s for the purpose of no filter. You’re not allowed to think about it. You just fucking go.”

5) The favourite face

“This mask is really trepidatious. It’s kind of almost walking on eggshells.”

6) Tiny plant

“I got a plant named Celeste.”

7) Small crow

“I love crows. This is my crow, Jewel.”

8) Beautiful flower crown

“My lifecoach and I were just romping around, and this flower crown was so gorgeous. I just wanted it very badly.”

Published in Volume 74, Number 22 of The Uniter (March 19, 2020)

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