Favourite local album / Favourite local performance

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Favourite local album

1. Amos the Kid - Mountain View
2. Jamboree - A Beautiful Place
3. Boniface - Boniface

Favourite local performance

1. Amos the Kid - Rooftop Retreat Pop-Up show @ WAG
2. Virgo Rising & Begonia @ WECC / Jamboree EP release @ Good Will (tied)
3. Merin, Jamboree & Julien’s Daughter @ Forth

Amos Nadlersmith is known by his stage moniker Amos the Kid. Many of the songs on his EP Mountain View, released in spring 2020 after two singles, were written over the course of the previous summer and finalized in the late summer and fall.

“The kind of vibe of the songs and the content, lyrically, of the songs were more like reflections of summer memories or summer feelings,” he says. 

Nadlersmith says he likes the idea of “songs that become people’s themes to their summer experience.”

“I was hoping to capture that a little bit,” he says.

Mountain View features Nadlersmith on vocals and guitar, as well as Jensen Fridfinnson on vocals, Jordan Cayer on bass, Brian Gluck on drums and Adam Fuhr on lead guitar.

The Rooftop Retreat Pop-up show at the Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG) was postponed from August to September. Nadlersmith says it was one of the only summer concerts he got to attend – and moreover, play.

“It was a very weird show to play, but it was just really cool to be able to play, let alone be at a concert,” he says, explaining that the audience was seated and socially distanced, and that there was a cap on attendance.

“Playing to the open sky and on the WAG rooftop and hearing the music echo into the city a little bit was definitely ... it felt unique, and I guess only because so many people were starving for a live performance,” Nadlersmith says.

He was surprised to hear he’d won in both categories of favourite local album and favourite local performance.

“There’s a lot of talent in this city, so it’s hard to quantify, but I’m certainly honoured and surprised and ... you know, any recognition feels really cool ... Me and the rest of the band definitely appreciate that,” he says.

Nadlersmith says the band has been finishing up some new tracks recently, although he can’t give a release date.

“I’m sitting on a lot right now, and I’m excited to be able to release it,” he says.

Published in Volume 75, Number 12 of The Uniter (December 3, 2020)

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