Whose House?

  • Whose House? Adam and Victoria’s House!

    Adam Araujo and Victoria King began their cohabitation this past February.

  • Whose House? Greg’s House!

    “I’ve got unfinished business here."

  • Whose House? Jeanne’s House!

    Psychiatrist, cultural theorist, author and performance artist Jeanne Randolph lives in an updated heritage building in Winnipeg’s Exchange District.

  • Whose House? Alex’s House!

    Having lived and worked all over the world, Chilean-born artist/curator Alex Keim just can’t get enough of Winnipeg.

  • Whose House? Darryl and Leanne’s House!

    Leanne Shumka, the University of Winnipeg’s awards and financial aid manager, met Darryl Reilly, musician and co-host of CKUW’s newly retired local music variety show ‘Peg City Groove, while studying at the institution in the early 2000s.

  • Whose House? Chloe and Daniel’s House!

    This castle is relatively new for this Winnipeg power couple.

  • Whose House? Rachelle’s House!

    Contemporary dance artist and DJ Rachelle Bourget has a simple motto for her downtown home: “Nothing new.

  • Whose House? Alan’s House!

    Cultural economist Alan Freeman’s career has spanned the fields of politics and art, multiple countries and several decades.

  • Whose House? Damien’s House!

    Filmmaker Damien Ferland’s work often deals with the absurd and comedic. 

  • Whose House? Mike and Allie’s House!

    Since 1986, the Neon Factory has served triple duty: it makes new signs, restores old ones and preserves treasures of Winnipeg’s past. This spirit of preservation is on full display in the North End home of its founder Mike Wolchock and photographer Allison Slessor.

  • Whose House? Kathryn’s House!

    Musician Kathryn Kerr’s creative path from jazz saxophonist to dream pop singer-songwriter isn’t a hiked trail; it’s a literal railroad.

  • Whose House? Katlin’s House!

    Katlin Mathison takes music very seriously. The singer-songwriter, who performs under the moniker Okay Mann, started out with typical high school rock band gigs in his hometown of Brandon.

  • Whose House? David’s House!

    David A. Robertson isn’t just one of Winnipeg’s most prolific authors (he’s had more than 20 books published since 2008) – he’s also one of its most eclectic.

  • Whose House? Alexa’s House!

    Alexa Potashnik’s passion for activism began at the University of Winnipeg.

  • Whose House? Erin and Angelica’s House

    Erin Meagan Schwartz describes both her and Angelica Schwartz - no relation - as creative people who do a lot of interdisciplinary art work, but mostly performance based art.

  • Whose House? Kent’s House!

    Kent Davies is a campus staple at the University of Winnipeg. He’s worked on campus in a number of capacities over the years (including a four-year stint as the chair of the Mouseland Press’ Board of Directors, that oversees The Uniter).

  • Whose House? Ian’s House

    When it comes to Winnipeg’s film industry, Ian Bawa has worked in basically every possible corner.

  • Whose house? Sonya’s House!

    Sonya Ballantyne is at the forefront of Winnipeg’s new wave of Indigenous cinema.

  • Whose House? James and Jessica’s House!

    James Korba and Jessica Nagy have only been living together since August, but the couple says that a theme to their home has quickly emerged.

  • Whose House? Ashley’s House!

    Ashley Burdett spends her days as a hairstylist and her nights as a stand-up comedian.

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