Whose House?

  • Whose House? Evan Quiring’s House!

    “I really like writing. I like telling stories."

  • Whose House? Cairn Moore’s House!

    “Theatre is the most powerful way to change the world.”

  • Whose House? KC Adams’ House!

    “So, you’ve given up even before you started?”

  • Whose House? Melanie Bernadsky’s house!

    Located among busy streets, high-rise buildings and hasty crowds is Melanie Bernadsky’s flower abode.

  • Whose House? Mannon’s House!

    Mannon Smalley has been fronting local band Silence Kit for the past three-and-a-half years.

  • Whose House? Carol-Ann’s House!

    Carol-Ann Bohrn is known locally for work as a dancer. She most recently appeared in The Threepenny Opera, put on by Sick + Twisted Theatre and AA Battery Theatre.

  • Whose House? Bret and Adara’s House!

    Bret Parenteau and Adara Moreau make noise music under the respective monikers B.P. and Body of Intrigue. 

  • Whose House? Lauren’s House!

    Lauren Swan admits she’s “a sucker for sentimental things.”

  • Whose House? David’s House!

    “Every time I see a Whose House and it’s somebody I know, I’m like, ‘Damn! Why don’t they do one on me?!’” Cinematheque’s operations manager David Knipe is finally getting his turn.

  • Whose House? Barbara’s House!

    Barbara Bruce introduces herself in Cree. Her name is Kitchi Pinesiw Piminaw (Flies High Thunderbird), and she is from the Ma’iingan-doodem (Wolf Clan).

  • Whose House? The Peters’ House!

    Vanessa and JP Peters have helped some of Winnipeg’s most exciting musical projects to sound their best as co-proprietors of Private Ear Recording.

  • Whose House? Audrey’s House!

    Audrey Mercado describes her decorative style as a “broke version of mid-century modern,” complete with wood panelling, accents and furniture.

  • Whose House? Jessica’s House!

    Jessica Antony is a child of Winnipeg’s core. She grew up in south Osborne, went to Gordon Bell High School and the University of Winnipeg (U of W), and she still lives a stone’s throw from it all.

  • Whose House? Jeremy’s House!

    “I’ve been in Winnipeg my whole life. I only started liking it a year ago."

  • Whose House? Monica’s House!

    “Sparkle and shine. That’s what I love. That’s the theme of my life.”

  • Whose House? Julie, Emma and Ari’s house!

    About two years ago, multi-disciplinary media artist duo Julie Gendron and Emma Hendrix were visiting Iceland when they got an email about a job opportunity.

  • Whose House? Julian and Momoko’s House!

    When conductor/percussionist Julian Pellicano found out he was going to be the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s new resident conductor five years ago, he booked a three-day house-hunting trip.

  • Whose House? Andrew’s House!

    “We’re always classically – sadly – ahead of our time.”

  • Whose House? Heather’s House!

    “I recently found out that Heather has the greatest rise and fall of popularity in history of any woman’s name. In the late ’80s, it got extremely popular, and now nobody’s named Heather ever.”

  • Whose House? Kelly’s House!

    Kelly Amaujaq Fraser just moved to Winnipeg in September to start a new position with the Aboriginal School of Dance. 

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