Whose House?

  • Coffee brews and tap dance shoes

    Readers might recognize cohabitating partners Jordan Cayer and Ella Steele from the Winnipeg stage.

  • A documentarian’s perspective

    For Winnipeg-based photographer – and former Uniter staff member – Mike Sudoma, his professional art and personal hobbies blend harmoniously as he enjoys street and concert photography, as well as skateboarding and playing guitar.

  • A multidisciplinary creative

    For Winnipeg creative Reba Terlson, her art is her greatest passion and a constantly shifting mode of expression.

  • Artistic abode

    “I just know that I love the arts."

  • Organized chaos

    “It’s a strange origin story, but I guess it’s mine."

  • Whose House? Maria Anne Grant’s House!

    For dancer and actor Maria Anne Grant, performing has always taken a central role in her life.

  • Whose House? Ariel Gordon’s House!

    Writer and publicist Ariel Gordon sees the world through the writer’s lens.

  • Whose House? Evan Quiring’s House!

    “I really like writing. I like telling stories."

  • Whose House? Cairn Moore’s House!

    “Theatre is the most powerful way to change the world.”

  • Whose House? KC Adams’ House!

    “So, you’ve given up even before you started?”

  • Whose House? Melanie Bernadsky’s house!

    Located among busy streets, high-rise buildings and hasty crowds is Melanie Bernadsky’s flower abode.

  • Whose House? Mannon’s House!

    Mannon Smalley has been fronting local band Silence Kit for the past three-and-a-half years.

  • Whose House? Carol-Ann’s House!

    Carol-Ann Bohrn is known locally for work as a dancer. She most recently appeared in The Threepenny Opera, put on by Sick + Twisted Theatre and AA Battery Theatre.

  • Whose House? Bret and Adara’s House!

    Bret Parenteau and Adara Moreau make noise music under the respective monikers B.P. and Body of Intrigue. 

  • Whose House? Lauren’s House!

    Lauren Swan admits she’s “a sucker for sentimental things.”

  • Whose House? David’s House!

    “Every time I see a Whose House and it’s somebody I know, I’m like, ‘Damn! Why don’t they do one on me?!’” Cinematheque’s operations manager David Knipe is finally getting his turn.

  • Whose House? Barbara’s House!

    Barbara Bruce introduces herself in Cree. Her name is Kitchi Pinesiw Piminaw (Flies High Thunderbird), and she is from the Ma’iingan-doodem (Wolf Clan).

  • Whose House? The Peters’ House!

    Vanessa and JP Peters have helped some of Winnipeg’s most exciting musical projects to sound their best as co-proprietors of Private Ear Recording.

  • Whose House? Audrey’s House!

    Audrey Mercado describes her decorative style as a “broke version of mid-century modern,” complete with wood panelling, accents and furniture.

  • Whose House? Jessica’s House!

    Jessica Antony is a child of Winnipeg’s core. She grew up in south Osborne, went to Gordon Bell High School and the University of Winnipeg (U of W), and she still lives a stone’s throw from it all.

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