• Turning the page on Aspergers

    Comedian Adam Schwartz writes his first book

  • Cat video reviews

    The best and the worst of YouTube’s cat videos

  • (Her)larious

    All women comedy night empowers comics

  • Funny men

    A lack of witty diversity

  • The 7th Annual Summer Festival Guide

    36 Manitoba fests and the advice you need to make it through.

  • Building a laugh-filled scene

    The Winnipeg Comedy Festival (WCF) is on the horizon again, featuring a boisterous array of comedians to keep your laughter flowing. The festival brings 80-90 comedians from all walks of life to various venues throughout the city.

  • Breaching racist terrain with comedy

    Hari Kondabolu has often been witness to and on the receiving end of racist tendencies. Kondabolu, 32, uses his experience to bring new stature to the genre of observational comedy. With a stand-up show at The Park Theatre set for Feb. 19, Kondabolu is sure to leave the audience in a whirl of laughter and inquisitive thought.

  • 15 years of laughs

    In making fun of Usher videos and joking about being a single, awkward female, Debra DiGiovanni became one of Canada’s most recognizable comedians.

  • Good and evil

    J. Williamez might be familiar to Uniter readers for a number of reasons. For years the musician/comedian penned his Good and Evil column for our back page, and just last week the latest record from his band The Civil Disobedients, Another Dead Medium, was voted the favourite local release of 2014 by our readers.

  • Ha ha ha > Ho ho ho

    Did you know that December, one of the coldest months of 2014, is also the funniest? The Winnipeg comedy scene is consistently among the finest in the country, but as we near 2015, more and more fantastic local shows are popping up. Comedian and writer Jared Story insists the recent change in climate is good for local comedy.

  • Bearing with New Year’s

    Figuring out plans for New Year’s Eve seems like one heck of a chore, which is probably why I’ve never gone out for said occasion. Here’s a potentially helpful list of stuff to do. Some spots haven’t yet posted details on their events, so keep an eye on certain venue’s Facebook and Twitter pages for more info as the fateful day draws closer. Just try to be kind to your already wounded credit score.

  • A litre of comedy

    The bantering of Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme is exactly as hilarious as you’d think it would be.

  • Whose house? Futuremayor’s house.

    Several hundred years from now and several hundred feet below Portage and Main, Futuremayor sits in the dilapidated laser-pyramid known as City Hall. The mayor’s job has changed plenty over the years. Since humans no longer exist, Futuremayor (who was engineered to rule with an iron claw) watches over the vast wasteland that is Winnipeg through a periscope found at the Brady Road landfill. 

  • A chuckle a day

    Benjamin Walker has always made stand-up comedy look easy. But as the host of Comedy Wednesdays - an open mic comedy night at Osborne Village’s Jekyll and Hyde’s Freehouse - Walker is quick to amend that point. Making comedy look effortless takes a lot of hard work.

  • Collaborative chuckles

    The Winnipeg Improv Festival is just around the corner.

  • Being Human

    Robin Williams, like many entertainers including Freddie Prinze and Richard Jeni, battled depression and personal demons - struggles that are not foreign to local comedian Big Daddy Tazz.

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