• Celebrate local

    Sara Riel Inc. fundraiser brings folks together with music, comedy and food

  • 6’2” if that matters

    Comedian tackles local dating-app tropes in Twitter series

  • Punching up

    Winnipeg comedians and colleagues speak on performing in a medium that has historically been dominated by white, male, straight and cis voices. 

  • ‘Clever, accessible and empathetic’

    Origin Stories: Abby Falvo

  • Coming to a living room near you

    Winnipeg’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic has ranged from a toilet paper hoarding frenzy to a general sense of malaise as students try to navigate online classes, with many scrambling to apply for EI.

  • Are social distancing practices overrated? Not remotely

    Four years ago, Angie St. Mars decided to take the chance to try standup comedy, and she never stopped.

  • Going Commando

    Commando is back! The wacky Winnipeg Fringe Festival hit from the mind of comedian Cory Falvo is returning to the the Gas Station Arts Centre on Feb. 22.

  • Laughs with friends

    After all the Valentine's Day chocolates have gone on sale, Wee Johnny’s will host a special open mic celebrating friends. Comedian Angie St. Mars hosts a monthly storytelling comedy event at Wee Johnny’s on the last Saturday of every month.

  • A whovian home with a fully stocked prop room

    “How do I describe myself in the world of theatre? I guess (as) a professional amateur.”

  • Uniter 30 outtakes

    Sorting through the many hundreds of votes for the Uniter 30 is a long and occasionally mind-numbing process.

  • Favourite Local Comedian

    1.    Issa Kixen
    2.    Riva Billows
    3.    Dana Smith / Tyler Penner (tie)

  • The rise of the post-MeToo “comeback”

    Earlier this month, Rumor’s Restaurant and Comedy Club announced plans to book American comedian and actor Louis C.K.

  • An (incomplete) queer history: Winnipeg drag

    While RuPaul’s Drag Race sits at the forefront of drag representation in popular culture, there’s much more to the art form than simply female impersonation. Behind every drag performer, there are local histories spanning many decades.

  • ‘Because if the women don’t find you handsome’

    Red Green returns to Winnipeg for his “This Could Be It” tour

  • Laughter Is Medicine mixes culture and comedy

    Laughter is Medicine is a hit. Back for its third installment on March 15, the night of ingenious Indigenous comedy has sold out both its previous shows.

  • Coming out comedy

    2018 was a big year for Chanty Marostica.

  • The best medicine

    Winnipeg’s comedy scene was marked by profound change in 2018. Long-standing open mic nights ended, and festivals were shelved. Simultaneously, existing rooms have taken off, new venues have arrived, and many old staples are still going strong.

  • Poverty is everyone’s business

    Comedian Lara Rae believes it’s possible to address any topic with humour. This approach extends to serious topics, like poverty.

  • Laughing together with WOKE Comedy Hour

    WOKE Comedy Hour is held once a month at the Good Will Social Club. Occuring on Feb. 20 this month, WOKE showcases Indigenous folks and People of Colour, with an emphasis on women and non-binary individuals

  • Workshops show that improv is for everyone

    Improv is a life skill, according to Riva Billows, executive director of Common Crow Improv Co.

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