Volume 78, Number 24

Published April 4, 2024

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  • That’s all, folks!

    It’s the end of another publishing year at The Uniter. It’s not, however, the end of the academic year at the University of Winnipeg.

  • The Urban Issue: Addressing violent crime

    It’s a tradition here at The Uniter for us to release a special themed issue as our last weekly edition of the publishing year. The Urban Issue, as we call it, is an opportunity for us to look at social, political and street-level issues that are impacting Winnipeg as a whole: as a city, as a community, as a place, as people.

  • ‘A protracted struggle’

    Coming off the success of debut LP Paradigm Shift, hip-hop frontman Brendan Grey reflects on his role at the intersection of music and politics.

  • Arts briefs

    The symphony scores // Oh, the Humanity // A banned tale brought to life // The secret resilience of geese // Opening night: Friends of a Sick Girl // Carmen @ the Manitoba Opera

  • Rebuilding with purpose

    Joey Fagnan remembers visiting his family for Christmas and holiday dinners as a child, where relatives shared their stories about the horrors of the residential schools. Fagnan feared he would be abused at school, too.

  • Safety officers not addressing real cause of transit violence

    Winnipeggers have mixed feelings about safety officers who began patrolling buses and bus routes at the end of February.

  • More windows smashed than burgers

    Elena Grande has worked at Mona Lisa Ristorante for almost all of her adult life. As operations manager of the family-run business, she works tirelessly to keep her family’s tradition alive.

  • Harm reduction tools, safe consumption sites lower crime

    A new harm-reduction vending machine is now at NorWest Co-op Community Health’s location at Access Norwest (785 Keewatin St.). The clinic is participating in the Our Healthbox program, a nationwide initiative by the MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions.

  • City briefs

    Kinew extends fuel tax cut // Around the Kitchen Table // Community orgs react to provincial budget // U of W student films to screen at Cinematheque // Province boosts healthcare spending // Words of a Toole

  • Outdated and out of touch

    Manitoba has one of the highest rates of teen dating violence in the country, according to a recent Statistics Canada report.

  • What lies beyond the perimeter

    Winnipeg is a crime-infested cesspool, where danger lurks around every corner – especially downtown.

  • The war and the people

    It has to be said that what happened wasn’t anticipated. I vividly remember the news announcing the state of emergency. My parents and I started preparing our basement to act as a shelter, and my sister had evacuation training at school, where they would have to go to the nearest bomb shelter upon hearing the long bell or air siren.

  • Disgusting disasters

    On Feb. 7, a pipe carrying waste from Winnipeg’s southwest neighbourhoods to the South End Sewage Treatment Plant failed. The damaged pipe leaked raw sewage into the Red River near the Fort Garry Bridge.

  • Awakening the city that always sleeps

    Last summer, West Broadway residents witnessed the unceremonious replacement of the neon-lit windows that framed a neighborhood diner with the tinted coverings of a new cannabis store.

  • Dr. William Rory Dickson, associate professor of religion and culture

    Dr. William Rory Dickson’s dream is to make Sufism more accessible to all.

  • Campus Briefs


  • Haku Horoscopes