Volume 78, Number 22

Published March 21, 2024

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  • Be kind, rewind

    Sad news came out of Transcona this week when owner Glen Fuhl announced that his business, Video King, would be closing after 40 years.

  • Zero proof possible

    Bre Kelly’s favourite drink to make at home for herself is an espresso martini. Minus the alcohol.

  • Letter to the editor

    Across myriad cultures on Earth, there exists a myth referred to as an Ouroboros. In the majority of cultures in which it exists, it functions as a representation of death and rebirth; depicted as a gargantuan serpent doomed to forever chase and consume its tail. In modern, Western usage, the serpent has come to embody a once-great institution, now fallen and struggling to recapture its place of greatness.

  • Arts briefs

    A hilarious debut // Putting the ‘fun’ in fundraising // Caring for the land // Call for submissions: Writes of Spring // Divine by design // A fiery night at the symphony

  • The conversation of art

    Ekphrasis! Hold the gesundheits and re-call classics class, where the term may have been embedded in the mind alongside a John Keats ode to an urn. For aesthetes looking for a more contemporary and interactive experience with the medium, MHC Gallery’s Brush Strokes & Bluewords has just what you need.

  • ‘Diamonds’ are a human’s best friend

    From humble beginnings to CBC Gem, Diamond, a one-eyed husky-Labrador, has become Winnipeg’s cutest celebrity.

  • Osborne Village springing back to life

    Osborne Village could reclaim its spot as “Canada’s greatest neighbourhood” as the district celebrates its 150th anniversary.

  • Who let the dogs in?

    From the ashes of another food venture’s sudden twilight, the (hotdog) wieners will rise.

  • The Uniter Speaker Series presents: Jennifer Smith

    For Métis curator Jennifer Smith, replacing colonial practices begins with a reexamina- tion of values. “Our systems need to change in enormous ways.”

  • Overcoming language barriers for refugees

    For many Winnipeggers, it’s easy to take basic services for granted. Relationships with one-on-one service providers like dentists, doctors or barbers are personal and often develop over the course of years. But for the city’s many newcomer refugees, there’s a significant barrier to accessing these services: language.

  • Profiting off a broken child-welfare system

    On Feb. 28, CBC Manitoba published a bombshell investigation that found that a local foster home had been giving cannabis to children in its care on a daily basis.

  • Former U of W prof returns to campus for trans genres keynote

    Celebrated poet and former University of Winnipeg (U of W) women’s and gender studies professor Trish Salah will deliver a keynote talk, titled “‘After T-Day it got worse’: trans genres for the interregnum,” on Friday, March 22 at 5 p.m. in Riddell Hall.

  • Incoming UWSA executives ‘open for suggestions’

    Candidates from a single slate, Change, won a clean sweep of all three executive positions in the 2024 University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) general election. Jashanpreet Singh, Parth Kaushik and Saurav (Sherry) Dhand were elected president, vice-president student affairs and vice-president external affairs, respectively.

  • Seeing Winnipeg with the right eyes

    One of the things I love about learning Winnipeg’s history is how much vibrancy it adds to how I experience the city. As I learn more history, certain areas and places take on greater significance, representing the overlap of historical continuums.

  • Constructing peace of mind for patients

    At least I didn’t have to wear one of the sandwich-board signs.

  • Haiku Horoscopes


  • Campus briefs


  • City briefs

    Firefighters’ union sounds alarm // Some pool closures paused for now // The (Video) King is Dead // Winnipeg police beef up retail presence // Tory obstruction // Cop sued for abuse – again