Volume 78, Number 09

Published November 9, 2023

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  • Uniter 30: last chance to vote!

    Regular Uniter readers are probably sick of seeing me ramble about the Uniter 30. But, I’ve got one last ramble, and it’s an important one: the voting period has been extended!

  • Finding comfort in inked skin

    Ky Quiring sits on the cream-coloured tattoo bed in their workspace. Their cowboy boot-clad feet dangle over the edge as they point out the deer antlers hanging on the wall and the preserved duck wings in a frame.

  • A musical haven

    In the heart of West Broadway’s artistic community, musician and songwriter Noah Derksen has transformed his home into a creative workspace. His space also houses a personal music studio, located downstairs, where he creates heartfelt compositions.

  • Arts Briefs

    Have your say downtown // Garrett Neiles EP show // Get Hyper // WJT’s comedic opening // The Sound of Unity 2.0 // Li Keur: Riel’s Heart of the North

  • Cranking decorum up to 11

    Cufflinks? Check. Pre-rehearsed acceptance speech? Check. Ear plugs? Perhaps the most essential of all.

  • Mourning and medieval metaphor

    It’s nearly impossible to describe grief without metaphor. Perhaps this is a testament to the failure of literal language to capture something so profoundly complex.

  • Crafting Catharsis

    If one were to conduct a poll regarding the purpose of art, there would likely be little in the way of consensus. Some may argue that art is meant to serve social causes, while others emphasize personal expression, the pursuit of beauty or simply art for art’s sake.

  • Diasporic discussion at Cinematheque

    Of all the movies screening at downtown Winnipeg’s only movie theatre, keep an eye out for a few non-English films from across the pond making their Canadian debuts – even if they’re decades old.

  • City briefs

    Manitoba Public Insurance fights against backlog // Students rally for free and accessible education // Sending medical supplies to DRC // Plans to transform hotel into Indigenous wellness centre // Province funds five Winnipeg-based shelters // Inquest into five deaths in WPS custody begins

  • Lunch lecture highlights research on women in the workforce

    Gender-based wage disparities are a widely discussed topic, but popular discourse often fails to capture the evolving nature of their causes.

  • U of W hosts expanded research week

    The University of Winnipeg (U of W)’s research office is hosting an expanded Research Week from Nov. 14 to 17. Research Week is a recurring series of “workshops, conversations and fun” focused on building research skills and providing opportunities for U of W faculty and students to share their ongoing research with attendees.

  • Bill Buhay, associate professor of geography

    Bill Buhay, an associate professor of geography at the University of Winnipeg, is not only dedicated to academia but also a fervent lover of the great outdoors.

  • Campus briefs


  • New environmental minister changes lanes

    During this past provincial election, the Progressive Conservative Party and NDP battled over healthcare, crime and homelessness. The parties mostly left the environment out of the discussion.

  • The carsharing alternative

    The ever-increasing demands of private car ownership hold Winnipeg’s infrastructure captive. Parkades suck up valuable real estate, multi-lane highways seemingly run through every intersection, and important services are frequently placed in distant industrial parks.

  • Horoscopes

    Mercury moves into optimistic Sagittarius on Friday, November 10, at 1:24 AM, helping us to understand the bigger picture.