Volume 77, Number 03

Published September 22, 2022

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  • Diasporic rage

    On Tuesday of this week, Iranian students at the University of Manitoba (U of M) held a protest, a beautiful gesture of solidarity for Mahsa Amini.

  • The slow movement

    A cultural shift is slowly working its way into society. Promoting connection to people, community, oneself and food, followers of the slow movement advocate for a deliberate and unhurried way of life.

  • The mystique lives on

    In a music industry preoccupied with self-perpetuation, Yes We Mystic bucks the trend with decisive finality.

  • An outsider’s perspective on the inside

    After years of newspaper and magazine stints that were beginning to feel too transient, photographer Tim Smith longed for a sense of intimacy with his subjects.

  • ‘Love of the community’

    When The Live Mixtape, an event associated with the Wall-To-Wall Mural and Culture Festival, took the stage at the West End Cultural Centre, 15 artists highlighted their interpretations of love.

  • Don’t roll over just yet, Beethoven

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra (MCO), and they’re partying like it’s 1799.

  • Identikit (The Driver’s Seat)

    Plays at Cinematheque Sept. 21, 24 and 25

  • Arts briefs

    Digital double feature à la PTE// Lennard Taylor reopening soirée// The city won’t sleep tonight// Bringing African cinema to the Prairies// Music aboard the Nonsuch// Reigniting Indigenous languages

  • To mask or not to mask

    Face masks are no longer required on the University of Winnipeg (U of W) campus. As of Aug. 17, students and staff members may choose whether to wear a mask – but the decision may not be that simple.

  • The return of the U-Pass

    The U-Pass is back at the University of Winnipeg (U of W) after a pandemic-induced hiatus.

  • Serving face this fall

    While the University of Winnipeg (U of W) is home to a number of diverse groups and clubs, there has never been one specifically devoted to drag.

  • PROFile: ‘I’m constantly learning from students’

    “I can do varied research here, but I also still get to teach, which is a real pleasure,” Dr. Serena Keshavjee says.

  • Student Services

    Study Skills Workshops: Advice & Tips for Academic Success// Career Chats on Instagram// Apply Now for Fall/Winter Awards// Volunteer Fair// Webinar Wednesdays// Use the myVisit App

  • Winnipeg’s Next Mayor

    Municipal elections may seem like small potatoes in the looming climate crisis, but their results significantly impact how people live day to day.

  • House of the Dragon’s Moralizing discourse

    Since its premier in August, House of the Dragon, HBO’s prequel series to its controversial fantasy blockbuster Game of Thrones, has already slotted itself into its predecessor’s position in the weekly thinkpiece factory.