Volume 74, Number 13

Published January 9, 2020

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  • Investigating the state of pleasure

    Montreal has 26. Toronto has 45. Vancouver has 42. Winnipeg has three.

  • The dildo decade

    So, why put a dildo on the cover of the first Uniter issue of the decade? It’s a good question.

  • Eccentric-modern curiosity shop

    Inspired by anime, manga, Harry Potter and so much more, Samantha Beiko is a fantasy writer who pours her energy into a variety of different creative projects.

  • Arts briefs

    Freya Perron’s Heirlooms // Mirror with a Memory // Full Moon Show at Handsome Daughter // States of Beauty // Closet Space: Celebrating Bigger Bodies // Skywalk Lecture

  • Winnipeg on display

    The Manitoba Museum unveiled the Winnipeg Gallery, its newest addition, this past fall. Roland Sawatzky, head curator of the Winnipeg Gallery, says “there is no other place (in the province that) tells the actual history of the city ... We also wanted it as an introduction to the Urban Gallery cityscape, which shows Winnipeg around 1920, but there is no real context in there, so we felt we needed to tell the larger story."

  • Mary and Marriageability

    Classic 19th century novelist Jane Austen was back onstage at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, but this time, she didn’t craft the story. Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley by Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon  is one of several adaptations or extensions of Austen, which sees her unmarried characters reach a romantic ending.

  • CRITIPEG: Winnipeg is the master of its fate and the captain of its soul

    The 1919 General Strike is among Winnipeg’s most important historical events.

  • The daytime event

    The Rady Jewish Community Centre kicks off 2020 on a high note as it presents Music ‘N’ Mavens for its 22nd consecutive year. Founding producer Karla Berbrayer says she started this event because of a need for diverse programming in Winnipeg.

  • City briefs

    New collective agreement ratified // Anti-war solidarity rally // UWinnipeg launches new justice centre initiative // Winnipeg Police Cause Harm condemns proposed transit security // Environmental studies seminar // Winnipeg Foundation announces new grants

  • Path to the top of the Bench

    How do judges become judges? What are the requirements to be able to sit on the bench and have the power to dictate people’s lives? Can a judge ever be “fired?”

  • Province to issue mandate letters to post-secondary institutions

    On Sept. 18, 2019, Manitoba’s provincial government announced a 100-Day Action Plan.

  • PROFile: Paul Lawrie

    In the University of Winnipeg’s expansive history department, Dr. Paul Lawrie’s area of focus lies in American History.

  • Collective healing

    I requested Chanel Miller’s book from the Millennium Library minutes after I read a news article revealing both her name and the work’s release. Her memoir was quite literally the next chapter following years of media coverage that referred to her only as “Emily Doe” or, in other cases, as “Brock Turner’s victim.”

  • Halfway to Somewhere

    I have a scar behind my right knee that I got when I was 12 and tried to break up a fight between two neighbourhood cats.