Volume 71, Number 22

Published March 2, 2017

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  • How we learn

    On the cover this week, we’re exploring more unconventional approaches to learning, but the dialogue around how we learn inside and outside of the classroom continues throughout this issue. 

  • To the Classroom and Beyond

    Traditionally, we’ve been taught about the environment in a way that’s broken down and broken apart. Educating within the confines of four brick walls separates us from the world we’re trying to learn about and other humans we’re learning with.

  • Whose House? Christopher and Caroline’s house

    In dialogue about stress management and self-care, there’s often an emphasis on separating work life and home life. But for housemates Caroline Thiessen and Christopher Oates, blurring the line between home and work has been a positive move.

  • Arts and culture briefs

    School of Rock’s birthday // Gimli Film Festival // Filmmakers paid by the minute // Nafro Dance’s Mapiko // Stages Speaker Series // Ballet Electric

  • Salon prices versus DIY damage

    Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are popular and share-worthy, but maybe it’s best to keep hair in the hands of a professional.

  • Winnipeg Black History Month in its 36th Year

    The 36th annual Black History Month in Winnipeg is a celebration of black culture and accomplishment highlighted by a series of events put on by the Winnipeg’s Black History Month Celebration Committee.

  • How to make a PSA video stick

    What do Astar, Don’t You Put It In Your Mouth and Louie the Lightning Bug have in common?

  • The Village Idiots bring concert series to Facebook Live

    Anyone who can’t hear the Village Idiots’ apartment-based concerts through their floorboards can enjoy it free on Facebook Live every Wednesday night. 

  • Burlesque without boundaries

    Winnipeg’s burlesque scene has exploded in the two years since the Winnipeg Burlesque Festival had its first summer showcase. Traditionally, the scene has been comprised of mostly women, but it’s since shifted to be more inclusive.

  • Toni Erdmann

    On paper, the plot of Toni Erdmann may seem innocuous. The Oscar-nominated German-Austrian film is the story of Winfried (Peter Simonischek), an elderly German man, and his daughter Ines (Sandra Hüller), a corporate consultant living in Bucharest.

  • Palm Trees

    Palm Trees is a collective of musicians from a variety of Winnipeg bands that have come together to release their first record, States

  • Well, That’s Garbage

    I have decided not to congratulate people on weight loss anymore. It’s just too uncomfortable.

  • News Briefs

    Major flooding expected //  River trail closed for good // Promises of less red tape // Gender creativity // Parking ban lifted // Women’s Day event

  • Public spaces can build community, advocates say

    City of Winnipeg recreational facilities have reopened in recent years after facing structural challenges. Advocates say investing in public spaces like these are worth the price tag and build community.

  • Indigenous students’ forum discusses racism

    Young students from around the province met recently to discuss how to tackle racism in Manitoba.

  • Access Lounge aims to provide safe space for disabled students

    The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) hosted several information sessions for an Access Lounge, a place where disabled students can relax, socialize and study.

  • The PROFile – Dr. Ernest Janzen

    According to Dr. Ernest Janzen, if you’re taking a religions course with him, you’re either curious, religious or you need the credit – and all three are fine with him.

  • Your cool professor probably sucks

    Ableism within university institutions is consistently permitted, accepted and encouraged, and the University of Winnipeg (U of W) is no exception. 

  • Sleepyhead

    Part 4 of Keegan Steele’s Sleepyhead.