Volume 71, Number 12

Published November 24, 2016

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  • We give a sh*t

    Whether it’s to help those in their immediate circle, or those halfway across the world, many Winnipeggers are doing their part to make a difference in this world

  • Vigil for lives lost to hate

    Trans Day of Remembrance seeks to honour those who died for their gender identities

  • Whose House? Diana and Michael’s house.

    For visual artists Diana Thorneycroft and Michael Boss, it isn’t always easy to keep work at work. Despite the fact that both artists have studios, their Wolseley home is still pleasantly overflowing with art supplies and works in progress.

  • Arts Briefs

    Encouraging women in film // The Bickersons // Tim Gray // Eyes of My Community // heaven between // I’m With the Band

  • Rosie & the Riveters show women a good time

    Feminist band Rosie & the Riveters is coming to Winnipeg for a fun and cheerful show.

  • Critipeg: Jane and the Wolf

    The short documentary Jane and the Wolf uses homespun storytelling and formal ambition to explore these ancient overlaps between family history, folklore and personal mythology.

  • Critipeg: Colonization Road

    Comedian and Fort Frances local Ryan McMahon uses his hometown’s disturbingly named street as a jumping-off point to examine Canadian colonization, specifically in Manitoba and western Ontario. 

  • Christmas decorations up for feelings of goodwill

    Around this time of year, the grinches come out to complain about holiday decorations for various reasons.

  • Floor Cry

    Strawberry Milkshake is this year’s second release by Floor Cry, the moniker of Winnipeg singer-songwriter Felicia Sekundiak. Following her first full-length LP, Caterpillar Daydream, this three-song EP is short but sweet. 

  • From Here & Away launches clothing line

    Joseph Visser, the photographer behind Winnipeg-based creative platform From Here & Away, wants to make it easier for people to wear their values on their sleeves.

  • Monthly smut slam a haven for sex nerds

    The Winnipeg Smut Slam is a monthly event where participants have five minutes to impress with their best story, but there’s one rule: every story told has to be about sex.

  • Keeping up with inclusive language

    Language changes over time, Jennifer Clary-Lemon says. Now, the words people use to describe themselves and the world around them are evolving faster than ever before.

  • Dry Wit

    There are a lot of ways people have responded to my sobriety in public – some awkward, some less so. One of the strangest responses I’ve had so far is the so-called “are you spying on us?” response.

  • News Briefs

    Fall and winter term dates // Panel discussion on deaths in custody // Equal voice // Theatre dept. opener // Food council on the horizon // Virtuosi for the holidays

  • How pop-up shops work for the businesses who use them

    In 2010, Eric Olek was inspired to get involved with Winnipeg’s hip-hop and nightlife communities. The creation of his clothing line, Friday Knights Clothing, allowed him to do this.

  • The WRENCH gears up for bike-building marathon

    The Winnipeg Repair Education and Cycling Hub (WRENCH) is revving up for its sixth annual Cycle of Giving (CoG), a 24-hour bike-building marathon held at Rossbrook House Inc. on Dec. 10-11.

  • Don’t lose your history

    Students can now preserve the history of their grandparents and easily share them with friends.

  • PROFile - Dr. Danny Blair

    With the best office on campus, Dr. Danny Blair has a great view of the year’s first snowfall. According to the geography professor, prairie winters will continue to grow shorter, warmer and wetter as climate change begins to affect our part of the world.

  • UMFA strike highlights issues at many universities

    The recent University of Manitoba Faculty Association’s (UMFA) strike pushed back against eroding job security and increasing workloads that take time away from teaching and research, bringing light to the complexity of labour relations in a university context. 

  • Why name a building for Susan Thompson?

    City council has voted to rename an administrative building in honour of Susan Thompson, Winnipeg’s first female mayor who served from 1992-98. While recognizing firsts is a valiant act, those who break barriers should be appraised based on the full scope of their contributions, good and bad. 

  • Fashion Streeter

    “My fashion … it’s all thrift store stuff.”