Volume 71, Number 11

Published November 17, 2016

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  • Getting on Board

    The Uniter is run by the Mouseland Press and governed by a volunteer board. The board is a great place to bring visionary ideas for the future of the paper and to practice the skills needed to run a non-profit organization.

  • Clear your student debt

    The average student debt sits at $26,819. It will take a student 14 years and six months to pay off, if that student spends $220 dollars a month.

  • Whose House? Kevin’s House.

    Filmmaker and educator Kevin Nikkel has built a career exploring local history. While his prolific portfolio also includes animation and drama, his primary focus is documentary filmmaking. 

  • Arts and Culture Briefs

    Whiny Femmes // Outside Joke // Real Love album // YA Indigenous fiction // APTN a great employer

  • Yes We Mystic celebrate 5-year anniversary

    Yes We Mystic, the Winnipeg-based indie pop ensemble, recently celebrated their five-year anniversary at the West End Cultural Centre. With three releases and a European tour under their belt, the group has a lot to celebrate. 

  • Critipeg: Hieronymus Bosch, Touched by the Devil

    The works and life of Hieronymus Bosch are a source of mystery and fascination.

  • Critipeg: NOTFILM

    Avant-garde playwright and novelist Samuel Beckett isn’t typically associated with movies.

  • Queer pop music since Boy George

    Music in queer culture is about community and finding equality on the dance floor. Whether it is Boy George or P!nk, artists who rep for the LGBTQ+ and queer communities are making that positive space for people.

  • Showcasing Indigenous-led activism on Instagram

    What Brings Us Here – the National Film Board’s (NFB) latest social media project – is an experimental photo essay launched through Instagram.

  • Middle of Nowhere

    Despite our characteristic self-deprecation, Winnipeggers love announcing to each other and the world that our city is great.

  • Building community with public art

    One doesn’t have to look far to find art in Winnipeg’s downtown. This year, the city became the Creative City Network’s first winner of the Award of Excellence in Public Art.

  • News Briefs

    Projects Abroad launch new programs // Pancakes for mental health // Learn about UNDRIP // Movember flag goes up // Self-care through art // Soccer multiplex open

  • Staying engaged after WE Day

    WE Day is an event that fills the MTS Centre each year, promoting youth engagement in social justice issues. But with such a large crowd, what impact does the message make?

  • Growth fees approved but still contentious

    Fee to pay for Winnipeg’s new development infrastructure

  • U of W board says no to divestment

    While a student group at the University of Winnipeg (U of W) continues to rally for divestment from fossil fuels, the school administration and board have closed the door on the possibility of pulling its funding out of oil and gas companies.

  • Grad students’ job options outside academia

    Most Canadian scholars who finish a PhD won’t go on to work in academia, but maybe that’s not a bad thing. 

  • PROFile – Marilou McPhedran

    The University of Winnipeg (U of W) will be seeing off one of its most influential professors at the end of this term as Marilou McPhedran takes on her new role with the Canada Senate.

  • Indigenous knowledge away from the desk

    Students often receive elementary and high school instruction on Indigenous issues that makes it seem as though colonialism is a thing of the past. But due to cultural events, and prompted by the news, many students become more aware by the time they enter university.

  • New phone plan for provincial prisoners

    With all the deaths at the Winnipeg Remand Centre, the public may feel like it’s time for some good news coming from provincial jails in Manitoba. Well, sorry to disappoint. 

  • Fashion Streeter

    “I didn’t think too much about my outfit today … just put it on.”

  • Cass McCombs

    In a time of pre-election bliss when the presidency of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was but a hissing whisper in the night, the ever elusive songwriter Cass McCombs released Mangy Love, a socio-politically charged collection of acoustically nomadic tracks.