Volume 71, Number 1

Published September 8, 2016

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  • Reunite with your ride

    How cyclists can improve their chances of recovering a stolen bike

  • Welcome Back

    We’re back with a fresh new paper for you! If this whole newspaper business is new to you, welcome! I’ll give you a brief tour. 

  • Whose House? Canoe’s House

    Royal Canoe embark on city-wide house party

  • Arts and Culture Briefs

    Interactive music // Exhibition of weavers // Music for mental health // Sequins at the library // Theatre for refugees // Podcast art contest

  • Barr None

    An honest look at Roseanne Barr’s status as a complicated icon

  • Gotta Cache ‘Em All

    GPS-based geocaching goes beyond Pokémon Go

  • Green Exercise

    Improve your health in the wild

  • Critipeg

    Vendetta is a short martial arts film by Winnipeg filmmaker Kyle Wong premiering at the Action on Film International Film Festival the week of Sept. 2 to 10. 

  • The Column

    When I first got sober and worried about people’s reactions, a wise friend told me that other people’s responses were more about them than me. 

  • News Briefs

    Bike culture downtown // Curbside treasures // Games volunteers needed // New coffee and old books // Rock climbing challenge

  • Smashing Records

    Video game marathon raises funds to help kids develop their own games

  • Buzzing with Activity

    Urban beekeeping regulations move ahead

  • Universal Transit

    U-Pass now available to full-time students

  • Field Course in Reconciliation

    Students study with elders in the community of Shoal Lake 40 

  • Back to School Basics

    How to survive Year One at the U of W 

  • No More Business as Usual

    To address climate change, we have to change the narrative 

  • PROFile - Dr. Eva Pip

    Dr. Eva Pip taught biology at the University of Winnipeg and retired in early September.

  • Fashion Streeter

    “What I’m wearing makes me comfortable.”