Volume 70, Number 24

Published March 17, 2016

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  • Springing far, far forward

    We’ve had spring for a week now, so naturally, conversation in The Uniter offices has turned to the topic of fall. 

  • Transit smartens up

    Smart Cards due to replace paper tickets in June

  • Whose house? Ro Walker’s house

    Ro Walker Mills radiates optimism. The 26-year-old hip hop artist and LGBT* advocate’s Riverview home is a reflection of his personality: full of hope and positivity. 

  • Arts and culture briefs

    Wood Land School // Winnipeg French Cinema Festival // Doodle After Dark // Unlimited cupcakes // Indigenous Men and Masculinities // Butterfly 

  • Recipe for success

    Four women, four businesses without storefronts

  • Wacken in Winnipeg

    Four bands battle for a chance to go to Germany

  • Reservations

    Written by Steven Ratzlaff and directed by Emma Tibaldo and Ian Ross 

    Plays at The Rachel Browne Theatre until March 20 

  • Fermenting soda

    The ins and outs of DIY food

  • Well, that’s garbage

    Health and fitness: the angel and devil on your shoulder

  • News briefs

    Blood donations // Breakfast delivery // Kinew comment // Animal rights lecture // Vote compass // Welcome Place overflow

  • A more complete picture

    Expanded course evaluations could be offered at U of W

  • Trust before peace

    U of W hosts dialogue on policing in multicultural communities

  • The PROFile

    Dr. Conor Whatley - Assistance professor, Department of Classics

  • Intersectional screenings

    Film festival encourages dialogue on racism and human rights

  • Saving the Yazidis

    Winnipeg project hopes to spur a larger campaign

  • It’s time for a living wage

    The fight for $15 is a fight for fairness

  • Fugly foods

    What buying an ugly carrot has to do with world hunger

  • Fashion Streeter

    Nancy - “My fashion is a fusion of a Canadian, European and African melting pot.”

  • Un-Supermarket

    Un-Supermarket follows the whimsical ups and downs of three jaded cashiers at their local grocery store. Ever wonder what your average retail worker is really thinking? This dark comedy shines a light on some of the attitudes and truths associated with the industry. Though at times cynical, the characters have a sense of humour about their positions and the situations they face on a day to day basis. After all, cashiering is a monotonous job, sometimes you just have to make a joke and not take yourself so seriously... The main characters Val, Rick, and Tish sure don't!

  • Ocosomoso No.11

    Ocosomoso was beamed down to Earth to investigate the planet and its current conditions. This comic strip chronicles that investigation as Ocosomoso explores his surroundings and relays off-base observations back to the mothership.

  • That’s a wrap

    This is our second-to-last issue of this production cycle, but in some ways, it’s also the last of its kind for this year...