Volume 70, Number 22

Published March 3, 2016

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  • More time to talk

    Fresh on the heels of our Indigenizing Media event with Red Rising Magazine on Feb. 4, we have another fantastic Speakers Series event in the works. On March 17, we’re partnering with the UWSA and Grass Routes Sustainability Festival to present Water and Indigenous Women’s Wisdom.

  • Why IWD?

    International Women’s Day marks 106 years of fighting for women’s rights

  • Whose house? Mona’s house

    Mona Faith Mousa takes a specific aesthetic approach to her Wolseley home. The spoken-word performance poet and community advocate says her white walls and sleek countertops are a necessity for her living space. 

  • Standing out, fitting in

    The balancing act of racialized identities in the arts

  • Arts and culture briefs

    WAC grants // Freeze Frame // Poetry workshop // Pysanka eggs // What if… // Our own theatre awards

  • Acting under the influence

    Smashterpiece Theatre a beast of its own

  • Smooth Sailing

    Boats plays its last show

  • These Old Fangs

    The Demo

  • Trampoline

    Sometimes a Song is Just a Cigar

  • Room Full of Spoons

    Playing March 3 to 5, 10 to 13 and 17 at Cinematheque 

  • A guiding light for writer’s eyes

    The Writer-in-Residence programs

  • Concentrating on fact

    How healthy is a juice cleanse?

  • Middle of Nowhere

    Riverside encounters show the importance of wild spaces

  • News briefs

    Green grannies // 100 Women sought // Shriners hospital closing // Wrestling champs // Arctic 2045 // Multicultural dialogue

  • Cats in crisis

    Charity and city clash over population control

  • Foodbank reliance

    20,000 more Winnipeggers using food banks than in 2005

  • Cutting edge urban gardens

    Cool Gardens offer summer complement to warming huts

  • Silent stories

    Traveling picture books build empathy for migrants

  • Diamond development

    U of W physicist develops diamond-based particle detector

  • With bated breath

    Late release of grades frustrates some students

  • The PROFile

    Jeff Babb - Associate professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

  • No justice for Palestine

    Parliament’s condemnation of BDS relies on a fallacious Western narrative that enables Apartheid

  • Fashion Streeter

    Paul - "Old thrift stores."

  • Un-Supermarket

    Un-Supermarket follows the whimsical ups and downs of three jaded cashiers at their local grocery store. Ever wonder what your average retail worker is really thinking? This dark comedy shines a light on some of the attitudes and truths associated with the industry. Though at times cynical, the characters have a sense of humour about their positions and the situations they face on a day to day basis. After all, cashiering is a monotonous job, sometimes you just have to make a joke and not take yourself so seriously... The main characters Val, Rick, and Tish sure don't!

  • Ocosomoso No.10

    Ocosomoso was beamed down to Earth to investigate the planet and its current conditions. This comic strip chronicles that investigation as Ocosomoso explores his surroundings and relays off-base observations back to the mothership.