Volume 69, Number 23

Published March 4, 2015

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  • Working Thesis

    A comic by Paul Hewak

  • Streeter

    Are you in favor or the implementation of a mandatory indigenous component at the University of Winnipeg?

  • Of Theresa & Teleology

    The weekend of Mar. 6-9, the Manitoba NDP will head to its annual provincial convention, mandated with a leadership election. Of three candidates running, many have singled out Theresa Oswald for her electoral pragmatism and winnability. This justification for support is worth reflecting upon: Should leaders be determined based solely on their ability to win?

  • Understanding Through Education

    Full disclosure: I am not First Nations, Métis, or Inuit. I’m as Irish/French-Canadian as they come. But that’s partially why I think the new mandatory graduation requirement being proposed by the University of Winnipeg Student’s Association (UWSA) and University of Winnipeg’s Aboriginal Students’ Council is so essential.

  • Here comes the sun

    It’s time again to mess with the time.

  • Youth voice strong in leadership campaign

    With the NDP’s long-awaited and controversial leadership convention beginning on Mar. 6, candidates Steve Ashton, Greg Selinger and Theresa Oswald are busy making final attempts to garner support and strengthen their chance of emerging from Canad Inns Polo Park on Mar. 8 as the NDP leader of Manitoba.

  • Safe at home

    Nursing homes are an important resource that can easily be taken for granted. It’s comforting to know that when old age makes it challenging for us to live independently, care homes can provide safe assisted living.

  • Energetic debate

    TransCanada’s Energy East Pipeline promises to benefit the economy and create jobs but critics argue those benefits come at a cost.

  • 30 Seconds to Coffee

    Aerobie Inc., a company usually known for it’s high-performance sports toys, introduced the travel-sized and durable AeroPress: a practical time-crunching machine for coffee lovers to use anywhere, anytime.

  • Up All Night With Paranoia and Playtex

    I have a confession to make. I’m scared to walk at night alone.

  • Spinning the road to equality

    Five years ago, the landscape of the Winnipeg DJ scene looked much different than it does today. DJs who identified as women were a scarce commodity. Back then, local DJ and radio personality Mama Cutsworth was feeling a bit lonely in a scene utterly overrun by men. Cutsworth is quick to point out that she’s not the only local female DJ but there were few others.

  • Girls to the Front

    Winnipeg’s music scene can be a straight, white, able-bodied boys’ club, but some people have been working over the last few months to try and change that stereotype.

  • Poster child for graphic design

    Parlour Coffee received a colourful makeover at the beginning of February, which, to the familiar patron, may seem rather out of place.

  • Maps to the Stars

    Maps to the Stars, the newest feature from celebrated Canadian director David Cronenberg (The Fly, A History of Violence), has a lot in common with last year’s Birdman. Both films are showbiz satires employing ensemble casts. Both dip their toes into surreal, hallucinatory netherworlds of egomania. They’re also both packed full of unfinished ideas that indulge the worst instincts of their respective directors. While not as entertaining as Birdman, Stars is equally as confused.

  • Mommy

    There are two movies trapped inside Mommy. It’s never both at the same time, just one or the other. One of them is a truly great film that examines family and friendship in a way movies rarely show us. It’s powerfully acted and shot with clear creative purpose. The other movie is infuriating. It’s a hysterical melodrama, overwrought and over-written, with a sense of self-importance so thick you could gag on it.

  • Stories From the Shadows

    No matter your job or your gender, everyone seems to have an opinion about women working in the sex industry.

  • Friends of Foes are friendlier than you think

    Indie-alt-pop quartet Friends of Foes have declared 2015 to be their building year, and rightfully so. With about 55 shows on the horizon, and one set in Winnipeg - Mar. 7 at the Pyramid Cabaret, we can soon bask in their sonic embrace.

  • Surf kings

    Every Winnipegger could use a nice ocean breeze this time of year, and we don’t mean the delicious blue Malibu rum-based cocktail (although, one couldn’t hurt, right?).

  • Still Breathing but Barely

    If anyone has Winnipeg in winter figured out, it’s the middle aged man who was reading a John Grisham novel on a bench in the Assiniboine Park Conservatory a couple Sundays ago. I’d gone there with a friend, both of us armed with strong coffee and the desire to squash the winter blues with an iron fist of plants and humid air.

  • Whose House? Meghan Kinita’s House.

    You can learn a lot about a person through their hobbies. Many people love travel and art, but pair that with taxidermy and a penchant for collecting skulls, teeth and bones, and you’re bound to have no shortage of dinner conversation.

  • Feminism and a Falafel - Streeter

    In this instalment of Feminism and a Falafel, Brittany asks students at the University of Winnipeg what Feminism means to them.