Volume 67, Number 6

Published October 11, 2012

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  • Such great heights

    The inability to lift your own body weight is embarrassing, even crushingly so, without an audience. You can imagine then, my reaction to the suggestion of trying out an aerial fabrics class during Culture Days.

  • With art, everyone is an artist

    We are our own toughest critic, and sometimes our own worst enemy.

  • Girl Model needs more depth

    Very young, tall and slim girls with long luscious hair stand around in a dance studio. They are awkward, wearing no more than a bikini, high heels and a number.

  • Nova Scotia’s Old Man Luedecke brings his sombre songs to Winnipeg

    He’s not as old as the name might suggest, but Old Man Luedecke isn’t short on experience either.

  • Good things come to those who wait

    Departures debut full-length, the devastatingly beautiful and layered Still and Moving Lines, has been a labour of post-rock love.

  • TV trauma

    Even though they make headlines pretty regularly these days, outcries of enraged parents rallying against the graphic depictions of wanton violence present in today’s video games - or the blatant promotion of female objectification in some popular music - are hardly enough to faze this jaded, broken husk of a man.

  • New office of religious freedom exclusionary

    The Conservative government’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has established the new Canadian Office of Religious Freedom, which is soon to be unveiled.

  • Men can be victims, too

    A news headline like “Prostitute found in dumpster” might have been a thing of the recent past, but it’s all but vanished from Canada’s mainstream media landscape these days thanks to an effective public awareness campaign against the harmful effects of victim-blaming.

  • The mass exodus of respect

    Like many hockey fans in Winnipeg, I’m trying to figure out how to justify eating wings and drinking beer three nights a week with no National Hockey League (NHL) season for the foreseeable future.

  • Can Winnipeg afford an adequate level of bus safety?

    Unions representing transit workers in Winnipeg are calling for the development of a transit police system, but municipal budget pressures are preventing its development.

  • Osborne House idles in funding limbo

    A local emergency shelter for women and children escaping domestic abuse sits in limbo as it awaits the results of a provincial review that could determine the future of its funding.

  • Portage Place marks 25th anniversary

    On Sept. 17, 1987, Portage Place Shopping Centre - a $300 million retail, office and residential development meant to revitalize the north face of Portage Avenue - opened to thousands of frenzied customers in downtown Winnipeg.

  • Nikos Salingaros: Biology, the city and responsible design

    Since the early 20th century, cities around the world have been moving largely - and steadfastly - in the wrong direction.

  • Wesmen Briefs

    Men’s basketball lose on the road in pre-season; Men’s soccer comes away with two tie games on the road