Volume 67, Number 11

Published November 14, 2012

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  • Crowdfunding the Oldfolks Home

    A growth in confidence is not exactly an expected result from an earth-shattering divorce, but it is exactly what Winnipeg’s Ricardo Lopez-Aguilar needed to push him to the next level musically as his one-man folktronic outfit Oldfolks Home.

  • It came from The Girth

    Winnipeg five-piece The Girth has just released its latest polished basement recording and the self-titled disc is a baker’s dozen of hilarious, compact tunes about living underwater, messy men and other things that could be misconstrued as children’s songs.

  • Stepping out of the shadows

    Alexisonfire’s farewell tour won’t be hitting Winnipeg in December, but Wade MacNeil hasn’t forgotten about us.

  • More than just Canada’s Kim Deal

    Juno award-winning singer-songwriter Julie Doiron has been making pleasant noise for 22 years.

  • Backyard chicken initiative gaining ground

    Lately, I have been feeling like a chicken secret agent.

  • Abusive men get off scot-free

    Lately a disturbing trend in the popular media has come to my attention.

  • University project revisits Gordon Bell field acquisition saga

    It began with one impassioned voice and grew into a student movement that is seeing sod replace concrete at the corner of Broadway and Portage.

  • Science complex receives accessibility award

    The Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex has received official praise from the city for its universal incorporation of accessible design.

  • Fashion Streeter

    I wear what I feel comfortable in. I like to wear a mixture of current trends and classic pieces.