Volume 66, Number 28

Published June 27, 2012

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  • Shit my guy friends say

    While I consider myself to be traditionally feminine in many ways, I relate to men better than I do women.

  • Some kind of monster

    Taking the first step around the corner of a bright green wall, you don’t know what to expect. But all at once you’re hit with fascination, fear and excitement.

  • ‘Why remake the Mona Lisa?’

    All manner of dreck will infect your local multiplex this summer, and while some of it will be entertaining, and some of it may even be artistically challenging, you may find yourself wanting to stay in at home for an evening to watch a film on DVD or Blu-ray.

  • Local filmmakers’ documentary reveals the reality of creating fantasy

    Video games are challenging.

  • Documentary chronicles director’s experience under house arrest in Iran

    Censorship and art make strange bedfellows. This is Not a Film is the product of such a coupling.

  • Playing to a room full of puppets

    Masters of puppets.

  • Ferro Montanino: Hanging with Skrillex and drawing inspiration from boy bands

    What’s it like to spend an evening with one of the world’s most popular electronic musicians? Ferro Montanino knows.

  • ‘The festival is about discovery’

    Simply calling the Winnipeg Folk Festival an outdoor music festival is an understatement.

  • Three to see at this year’s Winnipeg Folk Festival

    The nephew of a founding member of the Allman Brothers, Derek Trucks formed the Derek Trucks Band and performed with Bob Dylan before he even turned 20. He has released nine albums and twice appeared on Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

  • Following their hearts

    Dropping grad school or a steady day job to start a band is not usually regarded as the smart thing to do, but for indie folk darlings The Head and the Heart, that’s exactly what needed to happen to make the band a success.

  • Manitoba summer music festival guide 2012

    There’s a lot of music to be seen and heard in Manitoba this summer. Whether you like folk, rock, country, blues or metal, there’s a music festival happening in or near this province that’s just for you.

  • Twenty-five years on the Fringe

    Glancing over the 25th annual Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival’s extensive lineup of shows, it’s immediately apparent there will be no shortage of intriguing entertainment, what with titles such as The Complete History of the Moustache, Surf Chimps and Pretending Things are a Cock finding their way onto the recently finalized list.

  • Quebec student movement, Occupy Wall Street replete with flaws

    As thousands of Quebecers continue to defiantly take to the streets of Montreal against Premier Jean Charest’s Liberal government, their indignation has been compared to the Occupy Wall Street movement that stole headlines across North America and much of the developed world last fall.

  • What we can learn from Detroit

    After more than half a century of decline, Detroit - the symbol of urban America’s dramatic rise and fall - is making a modest comeback.

  • CrossFit: The controversial training method and the Winnipeg community that swears by it

    It’s not uncommon for friends who haven’t seen Rob Koske in a few months to walk right past him. He’s lost so much weight, they don’t even recognize him.

  • University of Winnipeg budget maintains faculty cuts

    Over a month after protests exploded at the University of Winnipeg around projected cuts to tenure track faculty positions, the university’s board of regents approved the 2012-2013 operating budget; a spending blueprint that retains all the controversial cuts.

  • ‘A moment of sheer and utter insanity’

    Talk about doing it yourself. For her latest album, Hush, Winnipeg expat and current Montreal resident Jenn Mierau not only wrote and recorded all the music herself, she also created the album artwork by rug-hooking a 14,400-stitch self-portrait.