Volume 66, Number 20

Published February 22, 2012

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  • It’s all la la la and no da da da for this trio

    Montreal’s Trio 86 holds two ex-Winnipeggers among its ranks in Jennifer Thiessen (viola) and Marc Wieser (piano). Rounded out by clarinet player Krista Martynes, the new-music-meets-classical outfit is set to deliver a slew of performances all over Winnipeg and Brandon with a program it’s calling the Kegelstatt Legacy.

  • The elephant that will never leave the room

    At this point, promoting safe sex and warning of the dangers of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) may seem like flogging a dead horse. Kids should know this stuff by now, right?

  • Defying copyright

    You can’t copyright the word “word,” because that wouldn’t make sense. When you speak, you’re rearranging words that already exist, and presenting them in a new way.

  • Airport screening regulation comes under fire from trans-rights activists

    A months-old change to airport screening regulations discriminates against transgender persons, effectively banning them from boarding an airplane for travel, LGBT activists charge.

  • Hit the lights!

    No life til leather - they’re gonna kick some ass this weekend.

  • International News Briefs

    Greek austerity protests continue; Iran’s nuclear ambitions undeterred by sanctions, according to U.S.; Libyans celebrate anniversary of revolution, future of country uncertain; U.S. to meet with North Korea over nuclear program

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Campus News Briefs

    Collegiate students in national writing contest; Saudi prof at U of W to study children’s texts; Wesmen end season with a pair of losses in Calgary; Anthropologist on campus for environmental lectures

  • Former employees speak out on Global College

    The University of Winnipeg Global College promotes human rights abroad, however, former employees say treatment of its local staff leaves something to be desired.

  • A thoughtful response to Vic Toews and Bill C-30

    A lot of people have been making a big stink lately over Vic Toews and his proposed bill to give the Canadian government more freedom to go through Canadians’ emails and other personal online transactions without a warrant, or any real oversight or accountability.

  • Fashion Streeter

    This outfit is patterned from the waist down on the indigenous peoples and influenced by the European style from the waist up.
  • You’ll like it, and that’s the truth

    What do dead-eyed feline humanoids, visibly enraged flying bread slices and (otherwise) idyllic prairie landscapes have in common?

  • Regina metal band Into Eternity to debut new lead singer at Manitoba Metalfest

    Acclaimed progressive thrash metal band Into Eternity will play its first show with new lead singer Amanda Kiernan at the Manitoba Metalfest this weekend.

  • Talkin’ ‘bout a revolution

    A fledgling group on campus is hoping to promote student radicalism and raise awareness about revolutionary politics.

  • Shopper’s Drug Mart expansion

    What do you think of the expansion of Shoppers Drug Mart in the Osborne Village?

  • Equal rights still worth fighting for

    Although it’s been almost 100 years since women won the right to vote, people still herald Nellie McClung as one of Canada’s most important historical figures - with good reason.

  • Wesmen take it to the next level

    After years of waiting to be admitted to the highest level of university soccer, the Wesmen men’s and women’s soccer teams were voted into the Canada West faction of the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) league.

  • Garbology, twittology

    Sociologists use many ways to collect information about societies, in order to gain a better understanding of certain behaviours.

  • Between two lungs

    Young lungs have more endurance. They don’t tire easily.

  • Shopper’s Drug Mart to expand; critics worried for neighbourhood

    On Thursday, Feb. 16, a council committee resolved a months-long debate over the future of Winnipeg’s most densely populated neighbourhood by approving the expansion of the Osborne Street Shopper’s Drug Mart and the demolition of two neighbourhood mainstays - Vi-Ann restaurant and Movie Village.

  • Hé ho, let’s go!

    The only hill this francophone festival has gone over is the toboggan hill.

  • Local News Briefs

    City on hook for $7M if development deal falls through: CFO; Aqua Books finds new home; Committee nullifies public consultation; Sinclair inquiry gets green light; Bomber brass, players tussle over free agency losses

  • Can you hear the bugles?

    If you’ve been hearing the unsettling sound of trumpets or bugles in the sky, or the Earth groaning freakishly when you’ve been outside, you’re not the first person to be flushed with a mix of curiosity and anxiety.

  • Province’s watchdog organization for newspapers closes doors

    After nearly 30 years as the province’s arbitrator for complaints against local newspapers, the Manitoba Press Council has ceased its operations.

  • Federal Lights

    Carbon, by Winnipeg’s Federal Lights, is a solid EP. The songs feature an eclectic mix of instrumentation and emotionality, making it a great listen.

  • Salinas

    This EP sees Winnipeg’s Salinas branch out from its previous work to reveal a more mature sound and an atmospheric approach musically.

  • Microdot

    In these days when the majority of bands are all taking a drag from the same hypothetical cigarette, noise-pop outfit Microdot is smoking something else entirely - and for the better, I might add.

  • Nathan Cullen sees cooperation, pragmatism as recipe for success

    In an NDP leadership campaign where disagreement has been rare and debate uncharacteristically tame, Nathan Cullen is committed to shaking things up.