Volume 65, Number 22

Published March 10, 2011

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  • Labour dispute points to larger issues

    By the time this issue of The Uniter is published, the decision to strike will have been made by the University of Winnipeg Faculty Association (UWFA).

  • Re: “Absurd rape ruling demonstrates how far we have yet to go” (March 3, page 9)

    In response to this article, there are several clarifications that should be made.

  • International News Briefs

    Cuba charges American aid worker; Japan observes Chinese actions nervously; Americans most wanted; Afghan children slain; Political giant weighs in

  • Local News Briefs

    Women’s World Cup in Winnipeg?; City workers’ union requests mediation; Another Dewar case under review; No more Westwood on morning show; Provincial prosecutor hiring policy under review

  • Fashion Streeter

    I feel what I wear is a project. An arts and crafts project.
  • Re: “Dr. Octagon’s Sudoku” (page 19)

    It has been at least three weeks since the weekly sudoku puzzle was replaced with a massive advertisement.

  • Wesmen add men’s baseball team

    In 2010, the University of Winnipeg added men’s and women’s soccer teams, and college basketball teams to the Wesmen program. Next fall, there will be another addition – a men’s baseball team.

  • The salvia scare

    The Canadian federal government is moving towards banning the sale, production and possession of salvia divinorum, stating concern about the lack of knowledge regarding the dangers or long-term effects of using the hallucinogenic substance.

  • What a strike means for students

    Between the water main break on Spence Street and the threat of a possible faculty strike, the past week has been tense at the University of Winnipeg.

  • The master of shadows

    From the raging battlefield to the New York skyline, André Kertész’s influential career in photography developed all over.

  • Academic assistants attempt to unionize

    The students who mark your exams and teach your labs are about to get even more organized.

  • Is CBC in danger?

    In response to recent comments from Stephen Harper’s administration about withdrawing federal funding from the CBC, Canadians have the opportunity to proclaim their affection for the Crown corporation by signing the “I Love CBC” petition.

  • Feds make move to create matrimonial equality on reserves

    The Canadian federal government is considering introducing a new law that would give aboriginal women living on reserves equal rights in matrimonial law.

  • Singer-songwriter explores relational collapse on sophomore album

    When he released his self-titled debut in 2007, Manitoba-born singer-songwriter Michael Peters hoped to follow it up with four more albums in the following four years.

  • KEN Mode: Second to none

    “Life’s too short for second best,” KEN Mode singer-guitarist Jesse Matthewson shouts on Venerable, the local noise-rock trio’s fourth release.

  • The human rights paradox

    Say what you will about the University of Winnipeg. Yes, we have cramped classrooms, our library stacks need a serious overhaul (I’ll never forget the 100-year-old secondary source I used for a paper last year) and our student body is about as active in UWSA elections as my grandma is on Facebook.

  • Michael Moore, meet Charles Ferguson

    When George W. Bush won his re-election campaign in 2004, Michael Moore was upset.

  • Students show their support

    Over 100 students, faculty, staff and supporters walked on Monday, March 7 in solidarity with the University of Winnipeg Faculty Association.

  • Exploring cinematography at the expense of character depth

    Within the first seven minutes of French director Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void, it becomes obvious that to enjoy this film, you probably need to be high.

  • The Wolseley Anarchists

    They are making informed, self-reflexive and dedicated anarchists around the city slap their head every time they pass through Wolseley.

  • Rape survivor decries judge’s controversial decision

    Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Robert Dewar’s decision to give Kenneth Rhodes a conditional sentence for raping a woman in Thompson in 2006 has sparked international controversy.

  • Campus News Briefs

    REDress Project: combining art and education; Donations help Diversity feed the community; U of W helps bring Festival of India to life; Wesmen basketball star Stephanie Kleysen named Rookie of the Year; Two Wesmen named to all-star team

  • Sexy female hairstylists and sexy lingerie-inspired attire

    The Scandalous Barber, located at 1174A Pembina Hwy, is a hair salon catering specifically to the male population.

  • Taking matters into their own hands

    Getting a book published has never been an easy task. Tony Nesca, a Winnipeg-based writer, knows that as well as anyone.

  • Do you think striking is Effective?


  • Winnipeg’s model citizens

    Though Winnipeg’s modeling industry is less affluent than others, the city seems to have a knack for producing international talent.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Evil has a face. A vile, flowery face.

    Good and evil are terms we use quite often, but they are surprisingly hard to define.

  • A ballet in liquid motion?

    H2Oohhh, an ambitious photography exhibition by acclaimed local artist Rodney Braun, has been described as a “ballet in liquid motion.”