Talula Schlegel

  • Trees and bees

    When it comes to Winnipeg’s urban environment, there are untapped resources peppered all throughout our city. 

  • A home for her

    For many women, homelessness doesn’t look like living on the streets. Their struggles are hidden and harder to document.

  • What the heck’s a think tank?

    When seeking out reform or review of public policy, the answer is sometimes found in between the community that calls for reform and the government that executes it.

  • Legalization in the ‘Peg

    “When Legalization comes to Winnipeg” is the title of the luncheon hosted by The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce on March 17. 

  • On the (silver) alert

    A new bill has been brought forward that aims to change the Missing Persons Act by providing the public with more information about certain missing people.

  • Compost is not garbage

    The City of Winnipeg has called for an organic waste collection review that would hold off on compost collection action until after the 2018 election.

  • Business be booming

    A poll conducted by the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses says Manitobans are the most optimistic about starting up small businesses in Canada. 

  • To the Classroom and Beyond

    Traditionally, we’ve been taught about the environment in a way that’s broken down and broken apart. Educating within the confines of four brick walls separates us from the world we’re trying to learn about and other humans we’re learning with.

  • Food policy for thought

    Winnipeg is getting a glance at what a food policy council will look like for the city.

  • 1 Just City offers overnight program to house folks in need

    1 Just City, an organization that provides outreach centres throughout Winnipeg, has partnered with St. Augustine United Church on River Avenue to offer a new program, which offers a safer space for those seeking a place to sleep.

  • Be a part of your pool

    The Kinsmen Sherbrook Pool and Rady JCC Fitness Centre’s pool are taking a look at the importance of community pools and how to make them a more accessible resource for community members. 

  • Give your input on city transportation paths

    The City of Winnipeg is hosting pop-up events to engage members of the public as stakeholders for the planning of their pedestrian and cyclist corridors.

  • Up for a winter challenge?

    The Jack Frost Challenge (JFC) is a week-long event hoping to get its participants to skate, bike, ski, snowshoe, run or walk a total of 130 km over the week of Feb. 12 to 18.

  • The pros and cons of local alcohol delivery

    Shrugging Doctor Brewing Company, a new alcohol delivery service which launched Jan. 27, is hoping to reshape the way people in Winnipeg obtain their booze.

  • Retail revolution at the MCC

    Early this January, Kildonan Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Thrift Store opened a second clearance location on 396 Edison Ave. that offers the chance to buy clothing and other items by the pound. 

  • Can you frozen river canoe?

    Inclusion Winnipeg, a charity for individuals with intellectual disabilities, is on their mark and getting set for its second annual Wild Winter Canoe Race as a part of Festival du Voyageur. 

  • Transit conversations in the fast lane

    Opening up dialogue about Winnipeg’s rapid transit expansion

  • Shining a light on SAD

    More than 15,000 members of Winnipeg’s population are feeling the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression linked to seasonal changes. As of last January, there are more resources in the city to help.

  • Agency helps local bands find that first date

    First Date Touring (FDT), a booking agency created in January 2016, came to fruition with hopes of fostering support for the community of DIY bookers and the bands they love. 

  • Kakagi

    Kakagi (pronounced ke-KA-gi) is a new band whose name is derived from a small lake in northwestern Ontario. 

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