Talula Schlegel

  • Manitoba Open winding up for curling event

    Bonspiel has been hurrying hard for 125 years 

  • Thunderbird House hopes to offer more in 2017

    Elders’ teaching nights are healing for the community

  • What’s a Men’s Shed?

    Men come together to combat mental health issues

  • From new starts to starters

    The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) is helping ease the arrival of newcomer youth and children in Canada through sports. 

  • Favourite Local theatrical production

    1. Shrek the Musical
    2. Heavenly Bodies (Gislina Patterson)
    3. zahgidiwin/love (Frances Koncan)

  • Favourite Local Coffee Shop

    1. Thom Bargen
    2. Little Sister Coffee Maker
    3. Forth

  • The WRENCH gears up for bike-building marathon

    The Winnipeg Repair Education and Cycling Hub (WRENCH) is revving up for its sixth annual Cycle of Giving (CoG), a 24-hour bike-building marathon held at Rossbrook House Inc. on Dec. 10-11.

  • How pop-up shops work for the businesses who use them

    In 2010, Eric Olek was inspired to get involved with Winnipeg’s hip-hop and nightlife communities. The creation of his clothing line, Friday Knights Clothing, allowed him to do this.

  • Staying engaged after WE Day

    WE Day is an event that fills the MTS Centre each year, promoting youth engagement in social justice issues. But with such a large crowd, what impact does the message make?

  • Restaurant resurgence

    Village Diner opens in the West End

  • An app to help save lives

    PulsePoint app alerts medically trained individuals of emergencies

  • Cheers to new brews

    City has microbreweries in mind for potential new zoning laws

  • Prepare for a green winter

    Hermitting up for the winter isn’t always a welcome activity, but the seasonal change is especially unwelcome to our gardens.

  • In with the old!

    Preserving Winnipeg’s historic architecture

  • Housing for mental health

    Individuals with mental health issues offered affordable places to live

  • A place to feel safe

    Spence Neighbourhood Association (SNA) has recently opened a space for youth in the West End that is available from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and school holidays. 

  • Dissolved hopes

    Road project to connect Winnipeg to remote communities defunct

  • Barriers to biking

    Cyclist safety and transportation infrastructure in Winnipeg

  • Say heyo to AYO!

    The youth-led initiative Aboriginal Youth Opportunities (AYO!)  focuses on community economic development, exploring Indigenous youth identity and building family in the neighbourhood of Winnipeg’s North End, or what AYO! calls “The Village.”

  • Proper practice

    October is sustainability month, and one way to celebrate is with the second annual 20x20 Sustainability Night event.

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