Samantha Sarty

  • My bloody Valentine

    Go for a scream this Valentine’s Day at convention

  • Circus hearts in centre ring

    Variety show presents circus-arts from all angles

  • You Youtube, eh?

    Canadian YouTubers in online communities

  • Cuddle culture

    Why we’re paying for touch

  • Space shows

    An artist explores the beauty of Saturn

  • Recreate history

    Three solo artists rehash classical art

  • A wedding of your own

    Weddings don’t all need to be the same

  • Underage underground

    Kids of the music scene will perform no matter what

  • Adam Hanney & Co.

    Big things to come from minimalist lineup

  • Take a minute

    Self-care isn’t just baths and cake

  • Dancercise into the new year

    Move more but still have money

  • Favourite local person behind the counter

    1. Lindsay Loster of Deseo 

    2. Nils Vik of Parlour 

    3. Josey Krahn of Deer + Almond / Joanne Rodriguez of The Good Will / Abi Torquato of The Good Will / Carol-Ann Bohrn of Little Sister Coffee Maker (tie)

  • Favourite local album

    1. Mobina Galore: Cities Away / Red Moon Road: Sorrows and Glories (tie) 

    2. Bros Landereth: Let it Lie / Cannon Bros: Dream City / Chic Gamine: Light a Match / Human Music: Cool Party (tie)

  • Favourite local non-professional sports league

    1. Winnipeg Roller Derby League 

    2. Dodgeball Winnipeg 

    3. Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports / Adult Safe Hockey League (tie)

  • (Her)larious

    All women comedy night empowers comics

  • Exploring experience

    Four panelists discuss consent for all

  • Theatre for health

    Sarasvàti offers workshops to explore and express mental health issues

  • Broadway on Broadway

    Musical theatre lovers relive their favourite show tunes

  • Lady love

    Female-identifying art show raises funds for women’s shelter

  • Indigenous films for all

    Films offer new perspectives on aboriginal cultures at WAFF

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