Quincy Brandt

  • The 2012 Uniter 30

    What does it take to create change? What does excellence look like?

  • Beauty in the slow decay

    Despite conjuring up images of kitsch-crafters arranging dried petals on paper at the kitchen table, “flower art” remains the simplest description of 21-year-old University of Winnipeg German studies student Joel Penner’s latest project, Momentary Vitality, which is anything but vapid and pastoral.

  • Sweet moves at the Duckworth Centre

    You have probably marveled at the dance/fight acrobatics of capoeira before, either as featured in ‘90s rebel-high school-redemption flick Only the Strong and Vincent Cassel’s brilliant laser evasion scene in Ocean’s Twelve or, most likely, at the most bedazzling annual cultural performance in Winnipeg each year, the Brazilian Folklorama pavilion.