Matthew Rygiel

  • Adding it up

    A lot has changed at the University of Winnipeg in the five years I have attended – especially the minor details. Minor details, however, quickly add up.

  • God Loves Hair

    Vivek Shraya’s God Loves Hair is a 90-page collection of 20 short stories about a confused Indian boy living in Canada.

  • An appeal for clarity

    It has recently come to my attention that there is no hierarchy within the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) executive. The president has no sort of substantial authority over the vice-presidents.

  • Campus News Briefs

    CKUW exceeded fundraising goal; New joint programs; Wesmen Women Volleyball players recieve honours; Faculty of Business and Economics open house; Tuition tax deduction form has new process

  • Take a tour through the curvy and creative McFeetors Hall

    Last fall, McFeetors Hall: Great-West Life Student Residence became the new home for 159 students and community members. The building – whose primary donors are University of Winnipeg alumnus and CEO of Great-West Life, Ray McFeetors – has dorm rooms to accommodate 172 students, as well as 25 apartments for community members and their families.

  • Goodness Gracious!

    The UWSA organized the SnOballs of Fury three-on-three basketball competition on Friday, Jan. 15 to bring various student groups together.

  • U of W profs revitalize oral history

    The University of Winnipeg has a new Oral History Centre to better conduct oral history interviews and transcriptions.

  • Lament for a bookstore

    I’m another one of the many people who are sad and disheartened that McNally Robinson at Polo Park is gone. Personally, I would have preferred to see Chapters Polo Park leave the area because I, like many Manitobans, have a soft spot for McNally. But when I take a step back to compare the two bookstores, there’s really not that much difference between the two.

  • Not just another number

    I hastily joined the provincial NDP party last spring without realizing the level of committment they were expecting from me. I thought I was signing up to be just another number in their records; another name to add to their sizable roster.

  • One win out of four leaves Wesmen wanting more

    The Wesmen basketball teams had a tough weekend, with the men losing both games and the women pulling off one win.

  • University of Manitoba’s financial troubles nothing new

    The University of Manitoba is experiencing a financial shortfall due to the recession as well as falling mortality rates for retired faculty on pension plans.

  • Exploring the university’s top floors

    Ever wonder what goes on in the halls above the buffeteria? And where exactly does that staircase on the sixth floor of Lockhart Hall go?

  • (Don’t) seize the day

    The expressions “live everyday like it’s your last” and “live like there’s no tomorrow” keep me up at night. I’ve realized after three years of university that living life with the mindset that I may die tomorrow leads to no ambition and little in the way of accomplishment.

  • Fair dealing or no fair dealing

    As consultations on updated copyright law end, the future of consumer access to movies, music, television and other media is now in the hands of the federal government.

  • Campus News Briefs

    Business faculty learning while eating; Tuition fee increases not a big deal; Disability support still not enough; Beatles have their own masters degree; Ontario premier promises more grad students